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Shrinking Dress

BY: rachel

The dare is for two girls of roughly the same size (to be fair, you don't have to be). You must by a dress you both like and take turns wearing it. after each time wearing it, you must shorten it an inch (or any other prearranged measurement). you of course cannot wear panties and the first one to chicken out will loose the predetermined bet. the bet which may be of your choice sorry i actually did this a little while ago, but haven't been able to respond. I did this with my partner from the firm.

My name is Rachel and my partner's name is Lindsay. we have one other partner named Erin, but she wasn't interested in the dare. there are 14 other people who work w/in our offices. the dare was who ever stopped wearing this dress first lost. the loser was the slave of the other for a full 168 hours (one week), anything goes...anything. ok, i am 5'6" and 133 lbs,i have blonde hair down to my mid back, i have d cup breasts, trimmed pubes, and have been single for 7 months. my partner is 5'7" 126 lbs, she has black hair about shoulder length, c cup breasts, wild pubic hair, and has been single for about 4 months.

ok so we bought this dress, it was red, came to my mid ankles, and on her it was about 3/4 of an icnh above hers. it was spaghetti strapped. she is a bit skinnier than me so it was very tight on my waist and slightly loose on hers,, i also have bigger breasts so it was very tight on my breasts and looser on hers. the dress was less than $200, worth the bet. (we thought about making the bet over who pays for the dress, but we make enough money as lawyers that the slave bet was much more interesting... for me especially i had many cuel punishments in mind and i feared she did too). for fun we also baught two pairs of these black shoes to go with it, we would wear the shoes and the dress, thats it.

so it began, i wore the dress on monday, i cut an inch she wore it tuesday, she cut an inch and i wore it wednesday. i cut an inch and she wore it thursday. and then cut an inch, than we took it to the cleaner. we weren't able to pick it up til monday so i wore it tues and cut an inch (just remember that we cut an inch each time) then she wore it thurs and i fri, we took it to the cleaners and i wore it tues and thurs she wed and fri and to the cleaners, then i tues and thurs she wed and fri. and to the cleaners after one more week it was mid thigh on me and slightly higher on her. the next week i wore it tuesday and she wednesday, i thursday and her friday. after it came back fromt the cleaners i wore it and it was just barely covering my butt. the she wore it and u could see about two inches of her ass just walking and more bending or sitting but if u looked right u could see a bit in the front. when i got it, i was in her predicament exactly. when i gave it back, you could see more than the bottom half of her ass and her pussy if could see through her thick buch which you could see most of. she met with one client that day and refused to leave her seat. that was sorta legal as long as she wasn't required to get up for sumthin, but covering up was a strike and if u got three u lost.


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after the weekend i had it and u could see most of my ass and my pussy. i had had time to grow in my pubes a bit, but they were light blonde and u could pretty much see right thru em plus they were rather short around and below my pussy just a little more above. i gave it to her the next day and it was exactly at her waist. (by the way we both have garages at home and had begun using the back door to the firm) this time she freaked before having to meet with clients. she never movied from behind her desk and was sweating the whole time. the next day i had it and it wasn't too bad i didnt hav to meet with clients tho.

i cut more than a inch prob almost 3 because i was so siked for this presentation we were giving this friday, i knew either i would win or it would be very amusing. sure enough she showed up the next day wearing a short white dress that came mid thigh she was however carrying the black dress she said she conceded, but in order to win, i had to wear it, and she said because she was giving it back she had to cut off an inch but since i cut off more than an inch so did she (almost 5) and so i argued that i did not need to since i went first. erin settled it saying after one persin gives up the other person must go or else u both give up.

so i wore it and my gawd, not only was it no longer a dress, and no longer a tight shirt, it was nothing my tits hung out the bottom and i was completely nude. anyway i wasn't that nervous for the meeting and the people didnt seem to mind much after i explained one woman offered afterwards that it was very unproffessional and a man offered his home phone number. so lindsay would be my slave from midnight on saturday until midnight of the next saturday, as i had quite a week planned. and by the way the punishment for not being my full slave was worked out in a contract with erin so that we would divide her pay for six months. i report later to tell the details of the punishment.

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