Holly Answers The Door Naked


Pizza With Nothing On Me

By: Holly

Well the Webmaster gave me a dare to do a few weeks ago. Well, actually he gave me 3 to choose from. All were really pretty good. Here is what he sent me.

“Dares for Holly:

1- Order a Pizza Naked. You can be at someone elses house or your own if you like. When the pizza guy comes to the door you will be wearing a towel and nothing under. Tell him you were just in the shower etc... When you pay him you then ask if he wants a tip or to have your towel fall. (**Or you can just 'accidentally' have the towel fall)

2- Go shoe shopping wearing a short skirt and nothing under. Try on shoes from at least 3 places and tell me about thier reactions. You just pretend like nothing's wrong when you are trying the shoes on.

3- Go to a public library at any time of the day. Find a nice quiet spot and start rubbing yourself. The trick here is, once you start masterbating you can't stop until you orgasm so get yourself set-up properly.

Let me know how you like em. I have many more in my naughty head... “

Now the shopping dare was one that I will get to later… since Beard (at an older truth or dare board) also gave me a similar dare. But, since you have to be careful doing dares I normally do them a little bit apart from each other.

The dare I picked to do was the Pizza dare. I picked it for a number of reasons. One… it is very easy. I love loopholes… and this one really didn’t need many. I mean… this is a dare that could happen outside the dare. I could really lose my towel on accident. It could happen. Now why I ordered a pizza while I was getting a bath might seem odd, but it could happen.

So, pizza it was to be. I was almost even hungry. Though I was sure that after doing the dare… I would be too worked up to eat. I was already starting to get nervous.

The thought of this dare really started to work on me. For one thing… it is different when you do a dare some place other then your home. There is a way of being anonymous some place else. At your home… well “You” live there! When they say… “Hey, you are naked!” they pretty much know it is… well… “You!”

Add to that… the pizza guy is going to have your full name on his little order sheet. So, guess what… he wouldn’t be seeing some random girl naked… would be seeing me… Holly naked.

Speaking of which… My last name before I was married went along fine when I later moved to California. Sure it was a humorous coincidence, but when I was married it was not any better. My name then also seemed to by chance play off my First. At least then it was not due to parents who thought it would be funny to give me a catchy name. Though it was nice to share the same name as one of our fine… presidents… it was the combination of my first and last name that always drew laughs. Since I went back to my maiden name… I have been back in the same boat, my name and location very much the same. Recently I went on a date with a man named Berry. LOL Now I am not saying I am getting married again… it was just a date. But, why can’t I meet a guy with a name like Smith, or Jones. Must my name always be the butt of jokes?

Well, back to the dare. I called the pizza place and told them what I wanted. They already knew who I was… thanks I guess to caller ID. So, they asked me if that was to be delivered to my address. I said sure… and they gave me the cost and an estimate that the pizza would arrive in about a half an hour.

It was time to set the plan into motion. I would get in the tub and take a bath. That way… I wouldn’t be lying when he got there. But, what I didn’t think about was as I am in the bath all my towels were in the dryer tumbling dry. For all my planning… I didn’t plan this out too well.

So, as I start to wash the shampoo out of my hair the doorbell rings. It was time to do my dare. Time to rush out in nothing but a towel. Time to accidentally lose my towel as I took the pizzas from the driver. Time to… wait… where are my towels?

I jump out of the tub yelling just a minute… all my towels are in the wash. So, I look around for something… anything to provide cover. Going out stark naked would seem just too strange I felt. I had to think quick.

There was that roll of toilet paper… no… would never work… and once I got it on my wet body it would be hell to get it all off. There was the hand towel. Much too small to over much of anything, even if I combined it with my wash cloth… I would be too exposed. Wait… what was that on the shelf? Shave Cream? Nope… even if it did work… I would look like an idiot… and make a mess all over the carpet.

I yelled for him to wait again. As I dashed from the bedroom to the bedroom across the way, there was a small chance he could have saw my run… but only if he was looking in the window at the time. I was sort of safe.

There was the answer… as my sheet. I quickly pulled it around me. Still quite wet from the bath. The sheet adhered to my wet body like plastic wrap. And the water from my body made for a wet t-shrit look with out all the trouble of the t-shirt. Still, I made my way toward the door. I scuffled across the floor as fast as I could dragging my trail of sheet behind me. Then… tragedy struck.

I had stepped on the sheet… pulled myself down… and slammed into the door with my shoulder. It hurt a little, but scared the piss out of the pizza man… who yelled “You ok in there?” really loud. I responded, “yes.” As I struggled to get up with my sheet around my middle… boobs swinging freely in the air as I used the door to climb back to my feet.

Once up on my feet I tucked the sheet around me again and opened the door. The face on the other side was shocked. I could tell. He looked at me like I was a ghost. Then he grinned. I started to apologize for my state of dress. Then he commented, “At least you are not naked.”

Now that was a flirt I think… so smiled and said, “Yea that would be bad… wouldn’t it.”

He started to hand me the pizza and said, “Oh, I don’t know. Might make my day.”

I blushed… had this guy known I was going to do this? Could he tell I was supposed to show him due to the dare? The thoughts raced through my head. But then, I shook them off and just smiled.

I sat the pizzas down on an end table and started to dig for my money in my purse. But, the sheet wouldn’t just fall off. When I had fallen it had wrapped around me and tangled pretty good. Now I was snug as a bug in a rug… and there was little chance of it just “falling” off of me. I could see I had botched this dare up pretty good.


Now, I was already plenty embarrassed. And I was also plenty turned on. Not that the guy was that hot. He was average in almost every way. In fact… a little below average. I guess that is why he is a pizza guy. But, he as interested in my sheet gown.

Realizing my plan to just accidentally show him my naked body was going south… I scrambled to think of plan “B”. What was plan “B”? I did I have one? I was not sure… but then it dawned on me.

I could ask him if he wanted a tip… or a peek. It was that easy and that hard all at the same time. I mean… and accident is one thing. Flashing a guy is another thing. Asking him if he wants flashed… well that is another thing totally!

But, what could I do? I could fail the dare… or I could go with my backup plan. I guess it would have to be the backup. What else could I do… what would you have done?

So, as I hand him the cash I ask him if he wants a tip or a peek. He about loses it. He was about 45-50. I am sure he does not get a lot of offers like this in his line of work… at his age. LOL So, he jumped at the chance.

I shyly opened the sheet and spread my arms wide. This gave him a nice close up… full view. And was rather embarrassing. So, I looked over my shoulder as I did this. Then closed the sheet. And blushed.

He said, “Thanks!” and was about to stumble off the porch as I told him you are welcome and shut the door. As I fell back against the door… very hot after the dare I had just done… I heard him drive off. Then I thought… what about my change?

The SOB got a look at my goods… and kept the change! Can you believe it! I tipped and stripped! I felt like such and idiot. But, what can I do? I can’t very well call him back and ask for my money back. LOL





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