Holly & Art Class Nude Modelling


Unsuspecting Art Class Model - A Retro Report From Holly’s College Years.

By: Holly

When I was in college I had to take an art class. I think everyone does at some point. It is supposed to broaden your mind or something. Maybe it works… maybe it allows the university to soak you for more money. At any rate I was in the class and ready to learn.

I have always enjoyed art. I like to draw and I like to craft things. So, having to take an art class was really not that much of an imposition to me. I am normally pretty happy-go-lucky, as you all know. The class sounded kind of fun, and really it was.

The thing about this story that may be of interest to you is that I some how ended up becoming a model for the TA (Teacher’s Assistant) without even knowing it. Sound strange? Well, follow along… and I will explain it all to you.

You see… we only saw our professor once. The rest of the time the TA, who was working on his degree, taught us. He was not that much older then I was and was always very polite and attentive to me. He would go out of his way to be helpful. Which at first, I thought was just him doing his job.

After about a week and a half I got to know him a little better. He would help me with my projects and one rainy day even asked to give me a ride home. I told him he didn’t have to since I had class in the same building in about a hour. He said he would wait and drive me home after that class if I liked. I thought that was a bit odd, but didn’t think much of it. I still turned him down on that request however.

Everyday he would play the same song over. It was “How Bizarre” by some band I don’t remember the name of. My guess is they are on hit wonders. But, at any rate he played it everyday… which in and of itself… is bizarre. That could have been a clue of things to come… maybe.

So, after a few more weeks I picked up on another bizarre thing. He was staring at me during our work times. He would stare and then look down and draw. It really creeped me out, wondering what his deal was. It took me a while to get up the courage to walk up to him to see what he was up to.

When I finally did… and I walked up to his desk after catching him looking me over he quickly tired to cover up something. I had already gone this far, so I asked. “What are you drawling?”

When he showed me I was shocked! There I was… NAKED! I didn’t know what to say. He was bright red. Blushing and not sure what to say to me about his work of art he stumbled over his words. When he finally got it out he explained that he was an aspiring comic book artist and he wanted to use me as his model.


I smiled a nervous smile and asked… “What is this comic about?” I mean looking at the page at my face on a naked body… one that mind you looked little like my real naked body… was embarrassing, but flattering in a perverse way I guess. I mean… he had given me rock hard abs and DD tits. Now, I am in good shape I guess… but DD tits? I think not. I am a 36B, not even close to his imagined form.

He went on to say that he only used my face at the model. A fact that as I have discussed was not hard to see. He also told me that he didn’t want me to get feel weird or anything, but he always starts off by drawling his characters naked so that he can better draw them in their costume. I told him I guess that makes sense.

I guess he figured he had won me over with his artistic rendition of me, because he then asked something really unbelievable. He asked if I would consider posing for him at his apartment. He said I could wear, a bikini, my bra and panties, or nude if I felt comfortable with that. He recommended nude, since it would be more “Realistic” if he was able to sketch me totally nude.

I don’t know if this guy watched Titanic one too many times or what… but the stalker vibe I was getting from him was really starting to weird me out. You may be able to understand what I was feeling. I was not sure how to take all this, but I will never forget that day.

Now I wonder… what ever happened to him. Did he ever achieve his dream of becoming a comic book artist? Is my image being used as the model for some new age Wonder Woman? And what would it have been like to post in the buff for him. All questions we may never know the answers to.

I hope you enjoyed my little romp down memory lane. It was fun remembering.





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