Holly's Bath Time Dare

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Bath Time Dare

By: Holly

Well, Beard had dared me to take a nice hot bath. I needed to take a bath anyway, so I figured why not. LOL But, the dare was that easy. First I would have to stand in front of a mirror and slowly strip. Since I had to be naked before my bath this was not too easy, but stripping piece by piece. Doing a sexy little dance as I took off each item was getting me a little horny.

I love the feeling of pulling my shirt quickly over my head and feeling my breasts bounce into view. Seeing myself in my bra as I continued to dance was a little embarrassing. I was really stripping now. I was really taking my clothes off for more then just the sake of the daily routine.

Hooking my thumbs into the waist of my shorts and hooking my panties too I jerked them down with a quick push, thrusting my ass out as my shorts and panties made their way to my ankles. Kicking them off over my shoes made me kick a few times. Naked from the waist down, kicking my shorts and then panties off and across the bathroom, I started to dance again as I reached around my back to unclasp my bra.

As my bra slipped off my shoulders I continued to shake my tits at the mirror, putting on my own private show. When my breasts were bare, the air conditioned air rushed across nipples and hardened them. I felt goose bumps pop up all over.

The next part of the dare was to examining my naked revealed body. I gave myself a good looking over. Holding my tits, spreading my legs, turning to look at my bottom I took it all in. Making sure I took a good inventory of my body.

Next I had wrap myself in a very-small towel, calmly walk out my backdoor, walk into my yard and drop my towel. To do this, I walked to the very back of my yard. It was pretty dark out. (What you thought I was going to do this at high noon?) I let the towel which barely covered my tits and ass as it was fall and I hurried back into the house.

My tits flopping, my ass wiggling, and the night air racing over my naked body as I ran for the house. I could feel myself blushing as I ran. The darkness was not enough cover to protect me from the embarrassment of being naked out doors where anyone and their brother could see me. It wouldn’t have taken much for a neighbor to step out and see me streaking my own backyard like a crazy person.

No one saw me… well at least to my knowledge. And in no time I was back in my house, in my bathroom, ready to take a bath. Which takes us to the next part of the dare, in which I had to turn off all the lights and explore your body, without sight.

Sitting in the tub in the dark, letting my hands run all over my body, I imagined who might be touching me. Friends, strangers, and co-workers all came to mine as I masturbated in the tub. My fingers finding my pussy and playing in the already wet space between my legs that was driving me wild.

I continued to play with myself until I couldn’t take it anymore. My orgasm was just the way to cap off the dare. Heck, it is the best way to cap off anything. LOL



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