Holly's Bent Over On A Bet


Bent Over On A Bet

By: Holly

Well, this was a bet more then a dare. I guess I dared to do it, but then again… there were stakes so… I guess it was more of a bet.

I was out with some friends from work getting a drink last Thursday night. We had all been drinking and playing pool, darts, and watching the game on the big screen TV at the bar after work. But, before too long most of those I work with had headed home. The happy hour was over and only myself and one of the guys from accounting were still holding out.

I told him that I really needed to get going before I was too drunk to find my way home. He made a joke about me not needing to worry... since I could just go back to his place. The kidding around and flirting continued until it was nearly dinner time and I was pretty well sloshed.

Being such an easy drunk, I was that cheap drunk. Well, not sure how to say it. Everyway I try makes me sound like I am saying I am a slut or something. I didn’t mean to say that… well I don’t think I did. I mean… I guess I could have meant to imply that on a subconscious level. Well, needless to say… it does not take a lot of money to get me hammered.

Well, once I am 3 or 4 sheets to the wind my judgment is not always the best. It is then I tend to do things I might not… if I had all my faculties with me. That is not to blame everything that happened on the drink. I know good and well that it is my own fault I get into the trouble I get into. And lets face it… I pretty much ask for it most of the time. Hell, I go looking for it.

That was the case here. I could have walked away at any time, but I just had to push to see how far it would go… how far I would go. And in the “End” (Pun to be explained later) I found out for sure.

My accountant friend was feeling 10ft tall and bullet proof. He started saying things that would have gotten him fired in a second had he said them just a few hours before when we were both at work. He started to comment on the different women that work with us and just what he would love to do with them. He was like… “Oh I would love to fuck Georgia’s big black tits.” He continued by saying he would “love to go muff diving in the intern’s pants.”

I was laughing my ass off at how serious he was when he said all of this. I mean, he was pretty serious considering just how ridiculous his rant was. I mean, this guy is such a white bread… milk toast guy at work. Now there he was going on and on saying the nastiest dirty comments he could think of in his pickled state.

So, I had to ask… just what would you want to do to me? He looked me right in the eyes and with out hesitation he said something I couldn’t believe. His forward statement really caught me off guard, even considering the other comments he already made it shouldn’t have, but it did.

He looked me right in the eyes and said, “I would fuck you right in your bubble butt ass!”

I about spit my drink out all over his face. Some how I managed to swallow it all down… and no comments from the peanut gallery about how I learned to manage that. I was shocked and tickled at the same time.

“My bubble butt ass?” I asked, not really expecting an answer. Though an answer soon followed… “Yes” he said with out hesitation.

“You have thought this through haven’t you?” I asked him.

He nodded and smiled a goofy smile. I then laughed and said what would be maybe my dumbest comment of the evening. “Tell you what… You get up on that table and dance and I will bend over and let you.”

I had said it in jest, but he was climbing on the table before I could stop him. “It is a bet!” he said as he stumbled to get on the table knocking over his chair. Once on the table he started do dance… well if you could call it that. He basically wiggled around in a drunken haze until the bouncers “Took” him off the table with extreme prejudice.

After getting tossed out of the bar… him no me… they put him in a cab and sent him home. I caught a cab of my own and went home as well. I had almost forgotten the cause of his silly act by the next morning when I saw him again.

He didn’t say anything at first. If his hangover was anything like mine, I could understand why. My head was pounding most of the morning. But, by the end of the day when I saw him again (He works 3 floors down) I was feeling better and he must have been too.

He came over and asked when I was going to be offering up my ass. I laughed and asked what he meant, pretending I didn’t know what he was talking about. He then reminded me of the bet and how he kept up with his end of it… even though it got him tossed out of the bar and he had to explain to his wife what happened to his car when he got home in the taxi.

I told him I was only kidding about letting him fuck me in the ass. I mean, what kind of girl I would be if I bend over for every guy stupid enough to climb on a table and dance. He was kind of let down. I think he really thought he was going to be getting some ass or something. So, I felt a little bad.

I told him, though I wouldn’t let him fuck me in the ass… I would let him have a look at it. That seemed to work. He said he would love to have a peek. So, I told him to meet me after work in the parking garage.

After work I made my way to the parking lot. The whole end of the day had been crazy. All I could think about was how I was going to show this guy my ass. As embarrassing as I knew it would be, I was turned on. It was really bad to be getting wet at work.

Once in the parking garage I waited near my car. When he arrived I pointed up to one of the many security cameras and told him that we would have to go some place I where we would not get busted. He said he knew just the place. He told me to follow him.

I got in my car and followed him for a few blocks until he lead me into the parking lot of a gas station with a little mini mart attached. I got out of my car and told him I was not about to drop my pants in the middle of the gas station parking lot. He laughed and said that was not what he had in mind.

We went into the mini mart and I learned that they had a restroom in the back. He checked the men’s room and told me it was empty. It was just one stall and a sink. I looked around to see if anyone would notice if I went in. Seeing no one… I went on in.

One in the men’s room he shut the door and locked it. That worried me a little bit, but since the door was paper thin, I was not too worried. A scream could be heard and a good shove would take it off its hinges. So, I was ok.

He told me I was safe to show him my ass. So, I did just that. I turned away from him and raised my skirt showing him my royal blue satin panties. He seemed to like that… but then asked to see my bare bottom. I figured why not…

I lowered my panties and raised my skirt again… showing him my bare bottom. I blushed as I did. The thrill of showing my naked butt to this guy I hardly know, but work with was like the best of both worlds. I was starting to get wet just feeling his eyes on me.

Next he asked me to bend over. I squatted down and took my panties off totally. Putting them in my purse, I then put my hands on the sink and stuck my ass out toward him. Bending at the waist, I pulled my skirt back up my back with one hand… showing him my ass. Bend over… and my legs slightly spread. Knowing he could see everything at this point if he just lowered himself a little.

It didn’t take him long to do just that. He started to squat down when the knock came to the door. I quickly stood up and pushed my skirt down. Straitening it as he got to his feet and stuttered something about being on the can to the guy waiting outside the door I started to giggle.

It was hard to control myself as the thrill of exposing myself and the excitement of almost being caught hit me all at once. I could feel how wet my pussy had become, and I knew we would have to be in this small restroom with this guy from work for a little while... at least until the guy waiting took off.

It was all I could take not to jump his bones right then and there, but I had already gone pretty far. How far I should go was the question on my mind. Lucky for me fate stepped in and his wife called his cell.

When we were free to leave we took off for our cars. But before we went our separate ways I made him promise not to tell anyone at work that I showed my ass on a bet. He agreed it would only lead to trouble for him if he did. Got to love those married men. LOL



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