Bucknaked For Barenaked


Bucknaked For Barenaked

By: Holly

Well, it didn’t take me long to find myself in more trouble. I don’t know how I do it, but I guess it is a gift. I hear everyone needs a talent. I don’t know if you can call getting naked a talent or not, but that seems to be what I am best at. Maybe I should consider a career in it.

At least this time getting naked had its rewards. Now, before you go thinking I was turning tricks on the street corner I will assure you that it was all on the up and up. And for some there was more up then they expected, if you know what I mean.

Now that we have all that cleared up… or maybe I only have you more confused at this point... I will get on with telling you just exactly what happened and how I ended up walking out totally bare ass naked for a group of friends to see. I assure you I had a very good reason. Really I did.

Let me first preference this report of my naked and naughty actions with this… I am a big fan of the Barenaked Ladies. Which oddly enough are not ladies at all. If you don’t know who they are, you must be living under a rock. They are a Canadian rock band that has had a string of hits as long as my arm. I have most of their albums and I have been to see them in concert a few times as well.

Recently a friend of mine has been giving me a lot of shit about how she got primo tickets for an upcoming concert and I didn’t. Well, this little spat has gone on for like 3 weeks now. I had not been taking it too seriously, but I have to admit that I have been growing a little tired of hearing her brag about her tickets. I mean, it was funny at first, but then I started to think that she was taking it a bit too far. So, when an opportunity came about to stick it to her… well, I took it.

We were all at a party together and everyone was having a good time. Maybe too good of a time… most of us were pretty sloshed. About a quarter till 12 my “friend” starts telling everyone about the first time she got to go see the Barenaked Ladies. It is actually a pretty good story in and of itself.

She had to jump into a pool bare ass naked for a chance to meet the Barenaked Ladies and person and go to their concert. It was a radio promotion. Now, try as I might I have not found any proof that she in fact was really at this naked swim with the band or not. I did a little research on the net and found some thing about something, but who knows if she is telling the truth or if she is full of shit. Whatever the truth, the story is pretty darn sexy. And as they say… “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Well, we are partying and having a good time when she goes into her long account of how daring she was and how hot it was to meet the bad and see the show and all. I took it all in as always. But, then a naughty thought found its way into the conversation. Would I or anyone else go naked to for the chance to see a band. The others each answered that they would for this band or that band. When the conversation made its way around to me I said I would do it to see the Barenaked Ladies. That die had been cast.

My dear friend perked right up and in a smart ass tone said… “Would you do it right now for my ticket?”

I blushed for a second. I mean it kind of put me on the spot in front of a lot of people I really didn’t know all that well. I mean, they are really more her friends then my friends. But, there was something about her tone that really got under my skin and maybe lead to what I was to later do.

She looked at me, and then pretty much everyone else looked at me. Not that I felt that much pressure, but still I had to think of something cute to say in response. And what rolled out of my mouth was, “I would do it right now for your ticket!”

Everyone laughed, but then someone asked if I was serious. My friend said she was sure I was kidding since I wouldn’t have the guts. I told her she didn’t know me that well. Which only seemed to make matters worse for me, imagine that. She now had me over a barrel and if she wanted to push the issue she could, and she did.

So, I was on the spot. She challenged me to go in the bed room and come out BUCKNAKED for everyone at the party to see. Which was like 13 people. Half men and half women. Well not totally half since there were 13. Unless on of them was a she-male or something and I didn’t know about it.

I told her I would do it in a heart beat if she really had the guts to put her ticket on the line, but I was sure she wouldn’t. And I still don’t think she would have if the others had not started to goad her into doing it.

Now we are talking about PRIMO tickets. Up close and free… what could be better? It was a win-win for me sort of. I mean all I have to do is get TOTALLY NAKED for the pleasure of her friends. Oh, not that hard… right?

Well, she went in and got her ticket and came back. She held it up and announced to the others that the ticket was on the line. If I dared strip down for it, the ticket was mine. She said it would be worth the laugh. That was unless I was a chicken.

Well, what is a girl to do? Do I go for it? Get naked for her friends and a few of mine, and score some sweet tickets? Or should I punk out and say that I was only kidding or that I didn’t want to take her tickets from her?

It must have been the moment. Or maybe I am just crazy. I stood up and walked into her bed room saying I would be right back. Everyone in the room went quiet and I could tell they were waiting for what was to happen next. Each wondering if what would happen next was what they had hoped for since the idea was tossed out onto the floor.

Once in the back bedroom I started to shake. I mean, I had kind of gone too far to turn back. If I walked back into that room dressed, they would all think I was full of crap. If I went out there nude, I would be embarrassed and the story would be kicked around forever between the group.

There comes a point when you just have to say, “What the Hell!” and go for it. I mean, life is just too damn short to sit on your ass. So, I started to undress.

In no time, I was totally naked. Naked as the day I was born. Well, mind you I had pubic hair. Then, not when I was born. At the time of the dare I mean. I had kind of a landing strip thing going. So, it was not naked as the day I was born I guess I mean. Still I was very naked. As naked as I could get with out a razor or some nair, which I don’t carry with me all that often.

Once naked I stood at the door ready to step through and trying not to think about it. Knowing what was about to happen was starting to make my mind tingle… well maybe it was not my mind. But, something was tingling for sure and if it had its way I would be putting on more of a show then any ticket was worth. Well, unless that was a ticket with a backstage pass.

Well, as I came around the corner. And by came… I mean went. Not that I was not on the verge of a orgasm at the very thought of what I was doing. Walking into that room of people totally naked was more then a rush…. It was like hooking myself up to electric. I felt the serge through my body. I swear I couldn’t even hear what they were saying. My body was going numb.

I thought I was having an out of body experience. Turns out I was just about to pass out. In all the excitement I think I forgot to breath. When my hearing started to return I could hear their laugher which only made me blush like mad.

As I stood there BUCKNAKED the center of attention I nearly came, and by that I mean cum, in front of all of them. I quickly had to turn and dash back to my clothes.

The rest of the night I heard all kind of fine comments which only helped to stroke my ego, or embarrass me into a giggly state. I can’t believe I never tried this before. It was such a thrill, and oh yea… I got a sweet ass ticket to see the Barenaked Ladies.

Well, that is how and why I went BUCKNAKED to see the BARENAKED Ladies. If you go to concerts… keep an eye open for me. You never know that I would do for a ticket. Heck, I never would have guessed I would have done the Full MONTY for that ticket.



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