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Drive naked & Pump Gas Naked Dare

By: Holly

Mike (oncealurker) has dared me to walk to my car naked tomorrow morning and drive off.

Then on the way home stop at the self serve no attendant gas station and strip bare after work and pump my gas naked.

That was the dare… this is the report.

I woke up early this morning. If I was going to do a dare like this… I was not going to do it during the morning rush. I mean… driving NAKED would be risky and there would be a good chance I would be seen. To minimize that chance, I planned to get up extra early so that I could get to the car naked and not be seen by all my neighbors. I am not one to get up early, so it was quite a challenge just to wake up at 5:00. I forced myself to hit the shower. My house was cold for some reason this morning and the nice warm shower really helped get me ready to do the dare. However, by the time I was showered and my hair and makeup done… it was a quarter till 6:00. I packed all my clothes in a duffle bag and clutched it tight as I headed toward my door. I was so nervous I could hardly turn the door knob.

I could feel my body start to tingle with excitement as the door creaked open and I peeked out. I didn’t see anyone around. A car passed by, but only that one. So, I figured it was now or never. Opening the door took all my strength. It was all I could do to put my first foot outside the door. Doing naked jumps outside my door at night are one thing, but this is in the day. And it would be really easy to see EVERYTHING! So, I started to get a little excited at the idea of being seen. I don’t know why it turns me on so, but I was starting to get warmed up before I ever set foot outside the door. Flinging the door open I ran out… forgetting to lock my door at first and having to run back and make sure it closed all the way. But, before anyone could see my bare ass in the morning sun I took off in a sprint for my car. My car keys seemed impossible to get into the lock. I thought I might have the wrong car for a second. My nerves had the best of me and I was not thinking strait.

Once in the car I looked around at last to see if anyone had saw me naked and fighting with my car keys. Lucky for me no one seemed to be out. The neighborhood was quiet. For once I had a little luck it seems on my side. Still… sitting in the car naked made me feel very exposed.

I was not sure how much you could see of me. I tried to sit low so my tits would be hidden, but if a taller car pulled up beside me they could see right in and get quite a view. I couldn’t hide a thing. I also could feel more then exposure. My bare ass and pussy on the seats gave me a strange feeling. My bare sex on the seat made me start to get a little wet. And the embarrassment already had my heart racing. I was going to be hard to go into work flushed and blushing like I was. I mean… my goose bumps have goose bumps. And other parts of my body were wanting to betray my need to say calm and in control. Now, I couldn’t drive all the way to work nude. That might get me in trouble. I mean, what if I was in a wreck? Even if it was just a finder binder… can you imagine me having to get out and trade insurance information NAKED? So, I had to have a plan. My plan was to drive downtown a little then pull behind one of the building and dress in the alley. I thought this was a good idea, after all Mike didn’t say how far I had to drive naked did he? And being one who loves to exploit loopholes, I pulled into the first good alley I could find. By the time I got there I had already had to sit in traffic. The car beside me at the stop light only had one person in it. And lucky for me he was too busy trying to light up his smoke. I was just waiting for a school bus or something to pull up beside me before I could make it to cover. The wait, worry, and wonder was making me another fine “W” word. I couldn’t stop myself from getting excited by the dare and the thrill of trying not to get caught. Though part of me wanted to be seen. A bigger part then I might want to admit. I am such a bimbo!

I was almost to the alley when I had to come to a stop 3 car lengths from a guy with a “Will Work For Food” sign. He was walking up to each car asking for change. And as each said no, he headed back to the next car. He was going to get more then change. He was going to get a view of my nude form in all its glory. Wonder if that would work for food?

He was about to make it to my car when the light change and I drove past and tried not to make eye contact. As I did, I swear I could have heard him exclaim, “Oh my god!” I pulled into the nearest alley and grabbed my duffle bad. Opening it up I rummaged for my clothing and started to dress as fast as I could inside the car, which was really not that easy. How did I do it so easy when I was in high school and college? LOL I don’t know some things don’t get easier with age. LOL Once I was dressed I continued to work. But, the ride was really not any easier on me. Well, maybe a little. I was not naked as the day I was born… but I was so horny at that point I was grinding my seat as I waited at each stop light.

Now, that was only the first part of the dare. Believe it or not… driving naked was not the whole bet! I would also have to pump my gas in the all together. Pump gas naked? Yea that is what he said! And that is a little… no a lot… harder than running to my car naked and then taking a short drive. Now, I got off work and was on the road around 5:00 and I left the office fully dressed, but naked and on display in my mind. The drive to work had lead me to a very difficult morning. All I could think about was being naked in the car and who could have seen me. I was not really sure anyone did, but surly someone did. But, now one honked or seemed to make a sound to let me know they saw. The wondering made me so wet. The wishing made me even wetter. Well, getting in the car for the return drive home found me almost totally out of control. It was all I could do not to just get myself off right then and there. But, I showed a little self restraint and just got in the car and drove away from work and toward the gas station.

There is an gas station that does not have an attendant near where I live. It wouldn’t take much to pull up, strip, pump, and take off there. After all the only people who could see you would be… oh god… still a lot of people, but at least there would be no one to call the cops. Or at least there shouldn’t be. So, I started to drive there, not sure if I could go through with the dare or not. But the thought was really plenty enough to get my hand sneaking down and pulling my skirt up a bit. Trying to work my fingers in under my panties almost cause me to run a red light. But, once I started to play with my pussy… I was really thinking I could do this gas pumping dare.

Well, puming gas naked is a lot harder then riding in a car naked. I mean, sure there was a chance people saw me naked driving along, but I was moving and they would have to look into the car. Standing outside pumping gas would leave me very exposed. Mike had asked me to do the dare after work, and I think he was thinking right after work, but at 5:00 PM there would be people all over to see me and there would be a good chance I would get arested. So, I figured he wouldn’t mind if I did the dare later after work. LOL

I went home and thought about my naked drive to work earlier and started to feel the need to play with myself a bit. So, I ran a nice hot bath and slipped into it. Going over the drive over and over in my head and letting my fingers go where they might was a great way to pass the time beween the first and second parts of Mike’s dare for me. After my bath and some dinner it was starting to get dark, so I planned out the rest of my dare. I would ride with a long coat on. I would have nothing on under it. Then when I got to the gas station I would get out and pump the gas… leaving the coat in the car. No, the key was not getting caught. So, I had already though about which gas station to go to. There was one not far that is all automated. All you have to do is swipe your credit card, pump, and go. In fact… the place I think has that on a sign… “Pump and Go.” Which sounds like a lot of dates I have had. LOL Kidding! LOL

Well, I stripped down and got into the long coat. It was my winter coat and wool. Not the best choice to wear when one is NAKED! It was making me itch all over. Maybe I was just hyper sensitive, but it was making me nuts. I did have shoes on however. I didn’t want to step in the mess that is always pooled around the gas pumps. The drive was just about as hard as the drive naked. I mean, no one could see me, but it felt like they could. And the wool rubbing on my exposed nipples was making them rock hard. I just can’t win. LOL Thinking about what I would soon be doing is made me start to get just as excited as I had been before.

Once near the gas station I did a drive by to see who could see what. From the street I would not be able to hide no matter which pump I went to. The place was set up on an odd angle. I figured if I used the rear pump I could be seen by the least. And though I get off on being seen… I don’t get off on jail time. So, I pulled in and got out of my car. Still in my coat I looked around. There are two sets of pumps and a lighted roof over them. I was the only one at the station when I started to unbutton my coat, but before I could get it open and off… another car pulled in and a guy got out and started to fill up his tank.

As he looked at me he had to wonder why someone would wear a wool coat as warm as it was out, but maybe he didn’t even notice. It didn’t matter since I was so horny from the drive in the morning, the bath, and the tingling from the wool on the drive here. I was wet, and I was starting to not think strait Waiting for him to leave was making me crazy. I was not sure how much longer I could stand around and not look suspicious. I mean there is nothing else to do but pump gas at this place. Why would I just be standing around? I had to look buys so I started to dig around in my car like I had lost something. As soon as he pulled away I knew that this was it. So, off came the coat. I tossed it in my open drivers side door and then swiped my card and started to pump. I was doing it I thought… I was really pumping gas naked as the day I was born. Out in public naked. Downtown naked! What was I thinking?

I watched as a few cars went by. No one even noticed. The pumps were giving me just enough cover… or so I thought. Just as I started to move from behind the pump to risk a little more expore I heard somehing loud. A rumbling that could only be one thing.

I turned to see a biker pulling into the station. Oh god, I guess they need gas too! I just looked at him, and he looked at me. He neary lost control for a second before righting himself and giving me a smile and a nod. He pulled up to the pump beside me. Right fucking next to me! He was only 3 feet from me! He could see me… all of me! My tits! My bush! My face! My god, he looked me right in the eyes!

I blushed 5… no 10… no 100 shades of red and then hurried to get my coat. As I got my coat from the car he was treated to a nice shot of the only thing he had not seen yet… my ass.

Once the coat was on, I was still blushing. He then did something I was not ready for… He spoke. He asked me if I was an exhibitionst and I noded. He told me he was lucky he needed gas with a grin, and I noded again like an idiot not able to speak. Then he said… “You know you are probably on camera right?” WHAT? All my planning and I didn’t think that an unmanned gas station might have a securtiy camera? I am an idiot! I told him I was didn’t think of that, which drew a laugh from him.

In the mean time I had over filled my gas tank and some had run out on my car. As I put the pump away the biker used the window cleaner to whipe my car off. He said it was the least he could do since I had already made his night. I blushed again and thanked him for both the help and the complement. As I drove off and headed home… I knew what I would be dreaming of that night. LOL This was one of my more daring dares and one of the only times I have talked to the person who SAW ME NAKED! It was thrilling, but I know I was just lucky it was a dirty old biker and not a cop or some crazy guy. Note to self… get a dare partner before trying anything this crazy again. LOL

Well, hope you enjoyed the dare as much as I did doing it. I am sure I will do more in the future… just not this one again… with gas prices what they are… I can’t affored to spill it all over my car!



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