Naked Camping

holly's butt

Naked Camping

BY: Natalie

I have wanted to tell you all about my camping trip I went on over the weekend. I have not shared any wild stories with you lately. To be honest nothing really wild had happened to me for a wild. I was being a good girl. However, that is always subject to change. I went camping with Holly and her boyfriend who gets pissed if I use his "real" name on the net. So, lets think of a clever "code" name. Oh, I know........ I feel stupid not calling people by their real name. I think that it is dumb to be so worried about what some one will think if they see it on the web, but I'll respect his wishes. So.... I'll call him Logan. For one thing that is a better name then the one he has. Ok, with that out of the way, I may be able to tell you my story.

Ok, it all started last week on a Thursday. Holly and "Logan" (AKA: Holly's Boyfriend.... Shhhhhh don't tell anyone.) Were going camping. I had called Holly to see if she wanted to get together and do anything while I was in town. Because I really don't get to see her all that much. I know that if you read the "made up" stories about us we are always together, but the sad truth is I only see her once a month if I am lucky. With me in Cinnci and her living in the sticks, it is hard for us to get together.

Oh, wait! I have to tell you about the last time we went out together first. Before we went camping, Natalie asked me if I wanted to go out ot eat. I told her that my new boyfriend Jason (Real Name) was coming over. She said we could double date. Well, sounded fun so I said sure. We ended up going to the Lone Star stake house. But! The trip there was the best. First, I pissed off Jason by talking to Holly's man. As you all know I am in love with him and can't have him. That is true, but I don't know if love is the word to use. At any rate, we get along very.... very... ok, very well. We were talking about movies and he and I love the same ones. Jason likes action and comedy. I like.... well different stuff. So, he was pissed that I was flirting with Holly's guy in front of him. So, he was pouting the whole ride to the restaurant. Then Holly hit a bird. Not only did she hit it, but she ran it over too! We heard this pop and then crunch. I laughed and Holly cried and kept saying yelling at us to stop laughing. But, it was funny. Not that a bird was killed. But, Holly is know as a bad driver.

Then we get to the restaurant and just get our drinks. Holly then spills a whole glass of water in my lap. Looked like she meant to do it, but she started to cry again. That pissed of Logan and now everyone was upset except for me. And I had the wet jeans on. So, even when we left it looked like I had wet my pants. Funny stuff. Guess you had to be there.

Then on the ride home Holly starts talking about Heath (My Old Boyfriend). Talk about uncomfortable. Have you ever been in a conversation were you try to change the subject, but every thing you say makes matters worse. Well that was how that conversation went. Holly would open her mouth only to stick her foot in it.


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Ok, back to the camping story. Holly asked if I wanted to come up and spend one night with them. I said sure. I could here Logan in the background yelling something about a threesome. I laughed, Holly said he wishes. I bet he does. Well, I drive up on my own so I am not stuck there if I get board. We do the normal camping thing. Walk around the park, mess with the fire, play lawn jarts. Well, the lawn jarts are what got use in trouble. We were playing and it is kind of boring to play with nothing at stake. So, Logan said that the loser would have to run the bike trail nude. So, we started to play. Well, normally Logan wins any game. Because he cheats. But, Holly and I beat him bad. He was not happy about it, but he said that because he lost he would make dinner. Which was not the deal, but we let him do it.

Then the next day (Friday) we were giving him heck about not keeping his end of the bargain and all. He was saying that the dinner covered his bet. We argued that it didn't. To make a long story short, I told him that if he would run the trail I would too. Holly said no way, but he said he would, but only if I ran it naked with him. This brings on a problem. I have had a crush on this guy since I was 15 years old. He and I have played around in the past and have a good idea of what the other should be like naked, but I have never seen him. I let him look down my shirt once, and once kind of spread my legs while I only had boxers and t-shirt on. So, he may have had some idea what I looked like. But, I have also got glances at his body too. But, that is not the same as seeing some one totally nude. I was turned on be the thought and I know he was too. The problem is Holly. She does not know about how I feel. She has told me that he has a crush on me, but only laughs about it. So, I was in a bind.

Well, I was getting ready to go home and we were still taunting each other and it was starting to get a little physical on both of our parts. Which make things kind of uncomfortable all the way around. Holly was getting kind of pissed off at both of us and I could tell. I was getting worked up and my brain was no longer in control. Logan is a major flirt anyway, but he was noticeably aroused and couldn't keep his hands off of me. So, as I got in the car to leave he asked if I was ready for the run. I told her sure, thinking he was kidding. He was serious and asked Holly if she would come officiate. Wild or what. I couldn't believe it. He has to be nuts....


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