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Naked Hike Dare

By: Holly

I love to go on hikes. I often hike in the woods, or at state parks. It is great to get out of the office and back to nature. Even if I am just walking in a field, I enjoy the experience. The only thing better then being out in nature. is to be out in nature in the all together. You know. NAKED!

Well, that is exactly what this dare was about. A naked walk in the woods was the dare, and to tell you the truth, I was up for it right from the start. The truth is I love to be naked in nature. I love the feel of the sun on my body, the wind in my hair, rain on my face, mud between my toes, I could go on and on. I really find it a turn on to be bare outdoors.

A friend of mine from Florida had dared me to take a walk in the woods. They knew good and well that it is a fantasy of mine, but I don't know if they knew that it is something I have done a few times already. I would guess I have run naked through the woods nearly 34 times. There for a while I couldn't get enough of it and went a few times a week.

That is the way I am, if something turns me on. I will do it again and again like a junky, hooked on the feeling or the thrill. I was like that with my naked runs for a while. So, this dare not only appealed to me, but it also worried me that I might once again get hooked on streaking through the wilderness.

One time, I was streaking and I came up one a campground for horse owners. I had been running naked on a horse trail so it made since. The campground was empty at the time. Only about 10 lots total anyway. But each had a water pump to care for the horses and such. I was so hot and sweaty from my run that I started pumping water until it started to flow. then got on all fours and splashed the water all over myself. It was fun on a few levels. One, I was naked in public. I even if no one was around at the time, I was totally naked, and at least a mile from my clothes which I had hidden under a bush along the trail. Two, I was on all fours like some kind of animal getting my bath of sorts in the cold water of the pump.

Thinking back on that particular run through the woods I remember having a little trouble finding the bush I hid my clothes under. I can tell you now that I got more then a little worried when I couldn't find them as quickly as I thought I would. Still it was a great thrill and got me rather wet as I worried. When I did find my clothes I almost wished I had not.

Then there was the time I was streaking in the woods behind the university and almost got busted by the cops. I had started deep in the woods, but as my nerve build up I ran closer and closer to the edge of the woods. In the end I ventured out into the open area between the buildings and the woods. I guess I did that once too often.

The last time I got close to the edge of the woods I saw a cop looking into the woods. I was not sure if he saw me at first or not, but I took off running bare ass naked in the opposite direction as fast as I could. My clothes mind you, where stashed not far from where he was. So, that meant I had to run in a huge loop to throw him off. Had he not followed on the edge of the wood, I would have never pulled it off. Or if he would have had the smarts to call for back up, they could have had a chance of cutting me off. I managed to get back to my clothes and dress just before he could get with in range. He had to see me leave the woods and sprint for campus. But, by the time he could get close enough to do anything about it, I was lost in the crowd. That was as close as I have ever cut it.

But, these two stories have nothing to do with the dare I was given. The dare was simply to take a walk in the woods totally naked. Simple right? I mean next to the last two tales I just told you, it would seem a simple walk in the woods in the buff wouldn't be that hard at all. Well, the problem is the nearest woods to me now, is very busy. There are a lot of people to be found at any given time. Since the park closes after dark, I had to do the dare in the day. And even on weekdays there are people around. When I agreed to do the dare, I didn't think about how hard it was going to be. Once I got to the park, I soon noticed there were a number of cars parked. Some I guessed belonged to those in the picnic area. But, there were too many cars to only belong to them. That meant that some people would have to be on the trail as well.

But, a dare is a dare and I never back down once I commit to doing a dare. Sure, I will look for every loophole in the book, but I don't back down. Once I got to the park I locked my car and started to walk to the trail like nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Though inside I was going crazy, my body was starting to release adrenaline and my heart was already starting to race at the very idea of what I was about to do. Dressed in a pair of loose fitting running shorts and a tank top I picked up speed. I picked things that would be easy to get off. even over my sneakers. I didn't want to waste any time getting dressed if I had to make a quick get away. I also wore my fanny pack. I figured I could stuff my shorts and shirt into it and run with it, if I felt the need. I know it would be a little chicken, but it was better then being stranded naked.

Once at the trail I headed deeper into the woods. I kept going deeper until I was out of sight of the picnic area, or at least far enough that I thought I was far enough way. Then I pulled my shirt over my head as quickly as I could. My bare breasts flopping out into the midday air. My pink nipples quickly getting harder as I hooked my thumbs into my waistline and forced my shorts down to my ankles. Bending over with my bare ass in the air, I worked the shorts over my sneakers. I love to run barefoot, but since there were people around for sure, I figured I better leave them of for my advantage. Looking down at myself, naked save the sneakers and the fanny pack I had to laugh. I looked really foolish.

Packing the shorts and shirt into the fanny pack and zipping it shut was almost as bad as leaving them under a random bush. It would be hard to get them out in a hurry, but at least my clothes would be with me at all times. Thought the thought of tossing the fanny back into the woods and just sprinting away was too tempting to overlook. I started to run down the path. My tits flopping as I jogged along. My ass wiggling and bouncing as I picked up speed running faster. As my thighs rubbed together from time to time I could feel myself starting to get wet. The dare was getting to me, and making me very horny as I knew it would from the start.

It took all my strength not to just stop right in the middle of the path and finger fuck myself into orgasm. Had it not been for the sound of a stick snapping I would have. The snapping stick was enough to sober me up a little. I looked in all directions, covering my breasts with one arm and my pussy with the other hand. It was only second before I saw the culprit. but is seemed like an eternity. My eyes locked up with the culprit. A deer. a deer that I ran upon and startled. The deer looked at me and I at it. I was a little frightened since I had no idea what it would do. Lucky for me it seemed to be as scared of me as I was of it.

Forgetting for a moment my nudity, I slipped by the deer. Moving down the path, my eyes still trained on the deer, I forgot the view I was affording anyone coming down the path toward me. My bare ass was on full display, as I backed away from my woodland friend. When the deer jumped across the path I stumbled back and fell right on my butt. Which turned out not to be such bad luck for me. As I fell, I heard some one coming down the path. The fall took me out of their view. I crawled on my hands and knees into the brush.

Scampering for cover like a scared rabbit, I laid flat on the grownd and hoped that they would not see my white ass sticking up. It was not long before the two love birds came down the path holding hands. They not only didn't notice me, they didn't notice the deer shit in the middle of the path left by our dear deer friend. The girl was royally pissed when she got it all over her shoe and I almost let a loud laugh escape my lips. It would have given me away for sure, but I was able to hold the laugh in until they were down the way. Once they were I got up and started to sprint down the path as fast as I could. Trying to put as much distance between me and them I ran. My tits were bouncing so hard it hurt. I tried to hold them, keep the hair from my eyes, and dust the dirt off me as I ran.

I made it about a half a mile with out incident. It was almost too easy at that point, but I was not keen on getting into that much trouble anyway. So, I told myself I would jog until I made it to the creek and then I would wash off and dress. If I could keep from pleasuring myself right there in the creek, I would be back to my car before anyone noticed.

I was almost to the creek when I heard more voices. It sounded like lots of them, but then I noticed it was not voices, but dogs barking. As they got louder and louder it seemed that I was going to get busted for sure.

I dashed for the bridge over the creek as fast as I could. The race was on, I was running for the same bridge the dogs and their owners were heading for. If I didn't make it before them I would be left in the open and totally exposed. I guess being naked has its advantages. I motivates you to run even faster. I made it to the bridge and hurried under it to hide. The bridge is not that much. More of a few wooden planks resting on two 4X4s. I laid face up in the water under the bridge. The cool water chilling my body. Looking up I could see through the cracks between the planks. I could hear the dogs getting closer and closer. In no time they were on the bridge. The dogs were going nuts. Barking over the side of the bridge, I knew they were barking at me. Their owners had no idea a totally naked bimbo was laying in the shallow water under the bridge. The dog’s owner pulled on their chain and yelled something about get away from the edge… and saying to the other owner that it must be a coon or a beaver. Had I not been scared to death of the dogs, I would have laughed. But once they were gone, I climbed onto the path and dressed. Wet and dripping put on my clothes, which soon would be wet themselves. My sneakers were soggy wet. I kept walked back to my car, blushing thinking about how close I had come to exposure. The ride home was a soggy one, and not all the wetness came from the dip in the creek. One thing is for sure, this was not my first run in the woods, but it was one that will be remembered for a long while to come. I came close to being exposed at least twice that I know of, and the dogs about blew my cover… not to mention scare the hell out of me. I would have been quite a site had they come after me and I had to clime a tree naked like that. I guess I will try to stick to streaking in town where there are fewer wild animals from now on.



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