Holly Naked In Hot Tub


Naked In The Hot Tub - A Dare done awhile back.

By: Holly

I recently went for a job interview in San Francisco. I was glad to get a chance to get away and also hopeful that I would get a better job. This one really seemed to be nice. I would get all kinds of benefits and as some of you know… my current job is pretty well a dead end.

On my trip I got to stay in a pretty nice hotel while I was gone on my 3 day mini vacation. It was a nice place and had an indoor pool and a few hot tubs. It was really nice at the end of the day… after the interview to relax in the hot tub. As I was soaking two guys came over and got in.

I was in my one-piece swimsuit and they were both in trunks. We all sat there and talked. I could tell they were both interested. Both tried to flirt or brag to me. I was really kind of enjoying it. The last date I was on was with the guy named Berry and it was just to the movies.

vThese guys started to tell me about the hotel having to run prostitutes out of the lobby. I thought that was interesting, so we got talking about that and then some how end up talking about the wildest things we have ever done. I was recounting a time when I had sex in a hot tub while the neighbors watched.

This turned up the heat. For one thing we were in a hot tub… I could tell this got them thinking about a repeat of that performance… starting no doubt one of them. But, I was not really thinking the same thing myself. I mean… after all I am not some kind of slut that sleeps around a lot.

But, I do like dares and bets. And when one of the guys said he bet I liked it… I grinned and said you would win that bet. This got them both going. The other asked if I had ever been naked in a hot tub since. To that, I answered yes… once more at a part. They really wanted to hear more. So, I told them about a dare that I had taken to get naked in the hot tub. This was all they needed… the bait was taken and the hook set… even if that was not my intent.

The next few events you can probably write yourself. I guess I could let you… but then again… would that be fair to those who are reading this and are illiterate? LOL Just think about that for a minute. LOL

So, one of them dared me to get naked right there. I told them I couldn’t. After all, what if some one walked in. I wouldn’t want kids to see. Or to be thrown out of the hotel, since I was so far from home. I also lied real quick and said that girlfriend, who was traveling with me would be coming down and I didn’t want to explain to her. (I didn’t want them to know I was there alone. Just to be on the safe side.)

They continued to beg. Then I thought back to the prostitutes. I told them… if you can come up with 100 bucks… I will get buck naked right here in the tub… but only for a minute.


They both laughed. I was sure they wouldn’t go for it. After all, they could fuck the prostitutes for that price I figured. But, you could have picked my jaw off the floor when the one guy said, no problem. I have my wallet over there on the chair. He got out and walked over to it. Pulling out a hand full of bills and coming back over to me, and his friend.

He looked down and asked, “One Hundred… was it?” and started to count out bills. In his hand he held a $50, two $20s, and a $10. I looked at him… wondering if he was serious. I could tell he was at least half serious. I bit my lip wondering what to do next.

“Ok” I said. For one hundred dollars… I will take my swimsuit off. But only for a minute! I reminded. His friend clarified that it would be for a full 60 seconds and pointed to his watch.

I couldn’t believe it. That would be $100 dollars for 60 seconds of work. Maybe I was interviewing for the wrong job. LOL But, I would also be totally naked in the hotel hot tub. On view for any walking by the pool area… at least partially on view. I mean… the water could cover some of me. I just kept thinking… wow $100 bucks.

I told him to put the money down near me… and once he did I started to pull my straps off my shoulders. Soon, they were being treated to a good look at my tits. LOL and then a less clear view of my bare lower body as I pulled the suit all the way off. I sat there covering my breasts with one arm holding my suit out of the water with the other.

One guy started the count as the other fanned the rest of his cash. He asked… “how much for a little more?”

I didn’t answer. I just grinned until it was time up and I could get dressed again. And believe you I did when I had the chance. It got me so charged up I waned to jump them both. So, the sooner I got my suit back on… the safer I was. LOL

Once dressed I got the money and climbed out of the hot tub and started to towel off. Once more the guy with the cash asked… “how about a little more? I have a whole hand full of lonely money here that would like to join the $100 you have. Maybe just a little more?”

I just laughed. I already felt bad enough for taking the $100, but I was not about to go any farther… (Or was I?)

I knew it was best for me to head back up to my room… before I took a step I really am not sure I want to ever take. LOL But, when you are looking at a wad of cash like that… it is hard to say no. LOL


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