Naked Shopping


Shopping Naked Has Its Problems

By: Holly

I was hungry for a dare or two and both Beard and the Webmaster offered me a few. It just so happens that two of the dares were very similar. So… I was sure I had to so them both… in some way.

There is what Beard thought up…

{I did some more thinking after I signed off last night.

It must be cold there, so I figured that I could dare you to go out to a shopping mall - wearing nothing but a long coat and shoes. Be completely naked under your coat and just enjoy your shopping. Will you be daring enough to open your coat some? All the way? Go into a dressing room or a ladies' and take it off completely?

If you want to "up the ante", then instead of being naked, you could do something to be even more embarassing than naked: Make a true "string bikini": Tie a string between your nipples, then another around your waist and another from the waist string down between your pussy lips and your "cheeks" and tie it onto the back. You would be completely exposed, but even more embarassing than being naked - since it would clearly be for erotic stimulation - not "just being naked".}

A nice dare I think you will agree.

The Webmaster had this one for me…

{2- Go shoe shopping wearing a short skirt and nothing under. Try on shoes from at least 3 places and tell me about thier reactions. You just pretend like nothing's wrong when you are trying the shoes on.}

As you can tell there are some similar features. So, I decided to do this dare… due to popular demand. LOL Well, at least popular between two of my friends. LOL

First off I had to decide how I would combine these two similar dares. Both asked me to go shopping and be bare under my coat or skirt. One calls for me to buy shoes… Which I have no problem with. The other calls for me to be totally naked some how at some point. So that is what I planned.

I Showered, did my hair, and makeup… then I put on my long overcoat. Nothing but the coat… oh and a pair of shoes. I was then off to the store.

I picked a simple shoe store rather then the mall. The mall might have been a bit more thrilling, but also maybe a bit more dangerous. People would wonder why I was walking all around with my coat all the way buttoned up.

Once I got to the shoe store I started to look around. It was quite a rush knowing… and feeling that I was naked under my coat. But the real test would be when I asked some one to help me with the shoes. The one thing I didn’t think of was… there were no men working at the shoe store.

I really felt nervous as I asked the woman to help me with the shoes. She was older then me and seemed to be in no mood to help anyone. But, she did get my shoes and then I moved my legs to put them on the coat slid up. Showing all the way up my leg.

She picked up quick that I had little on under the coat and just walked off pissed. I think she knew I was up to no good. So, I put my shoes on and left before I got in any trouble. Part one of the dare was done… but… I still had to get totally naked.

To do this… I walked to my car and drove down an alley. Once in the alley I got out of my car and stood beside a garage door that opened to the alley. Then I quickly unbuttoned my coat and took it off.

I know… it was not really that public… but it was outdoors and technically in the public. So, it counts.

I then put the coat back on and got back in my car and headed for home. I know it was kind of a weak dare in some ways. But it did the trick. When I got home I was so worked up… I had to… well… you can imagine. LOL Needless to say it is hard to type with my left hand this fatigued. LOL



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