Holly Skinny Dipping 2


Skinny Dipping II

By: Holly

I called this dare… “Skinny Dipping In The Neighbor’s Pool 2” since a while back I did a dare where I went skinny dipping in my neighbor’s pool. And since this is pretty much the same dare… well it just made since to call it, “Skinny Dipping In The Neighbor’s Pool 2” to me. I hope you agree I was right to call it that. At any rate I am sure you would much rather read about the dare then why I chose to name it at all.

A while back my friends dared me to streak over to my neighbor’s pool and skinny dip. This dare had two things I really love… Streaking and Skinny Dipping. So, I was in.

The dare came about while I was in a group chat talking to my friends about how horny I was that night and how I really wanted to do something wild. They, being of like mind, thought I should try this dare which they kind of cooked up together. A few I promised to do similar dares already, so I pretty much had to do it.

Well, I had to strip down in my house… and run over naked. Then dive in, and swim. The last time I got a dare to skinny dip I at least was able to wear a T-shirt over to his pool. The only good thing was this time it was really late at night and no one was up. The bad thing is he added a huge ass security light over his pool area which lights the area up like day almost.

Still a dare is a dare… or so they say. So, I stripped down and bolted from my backdoor to his pool. Running naked is great. My boobs.. bounce… or flop as my ass wiggles… what a site I must be. Not to self… jog in place in front of a mirror some time. Should be good for a laugh.

As I got to the pool area I looked toward his house. I guess I was wondering if there was any chance he was up. I didn’t see any lights on, but then again if you want to look out at night it is easier not to have a light on inside. So, looking back on it… oh god he could have seen the whole thing.

Well, he never said anything about it, so I am probably in the clear. Though he did say I could skinny dip any time. He may have been joking or wishful thinking out loud, but he did say it.

I swam for about 15 minutes and then climbed out. Naked, wet, and dripping all over his pavement. My dash back to my house was even better. The night air on my wet body make it really come alive. I had to do a little self massage once I got inside.



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