Holly's Super Bowl Bet

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My Super Bowl Bet

A Dare Report By: Holly

Well, I made a bet that the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl. And as you all know by now they didn’t win. So… I had to pay up. The prize due… a dare.

The dare that I was to do was to go to the automatic car wash wearing 8 items and then as the wash stared strip totally bare butt naked… then dress again in 8 new items… or as many as I could get on before the wash stopped. Then the last part of the dare was to drive home in what ever I managed to get back on.

As most dares, I put it off for a few days. I was so excited about having to do the dare that I thought I would just let myself enjoy being really horny for a few days. But, last night I went ahead and did the dare. My car was really dirty anyway… so it all kind of worked out.

I drove to the car wash. It is a touchless carwash, which means that there are no bushes… only water. That also means that there is little cover for people stripping in their cars. The car was bay is also open on both ends… one of which faces the main drag. Yes, I was stupid enough to strip totally naked, all be it in my car, on the busiest street in my town. I am I crazy? Well, maybe. But, I did have a plan.

I went to the car wash late at night. It was about 9:00 or so when I went I believe. Well, when I left the house anyway. When I got there it was plenty dark, and being a weeknight not as many cars were going down the street as a weekend. Still traffic was moving.

What I am not telling you is… even though the car wash opens to the road it sets back a little and is blocked by another building from both directions. So, unless someone looks at the car wash they wouldn’t see me. That being said… the car was is lighted and in the dark is easy to see from the road… if you look. Which when the traffic is backed up… you can’t help but look, just to fight the boredom.

Lucky for me traffic was not backed up and was light. Another stroke of luck,, or smart planning… LOL… was that the wash has 3 different wash settings. One of which takes a good long time to finish. You all know me too well to think I did not exploit that loophole. As you all well know… I find loophole better then the highest paid lawyers.

Now, my good run of luck was really going… well… too good. You all also know that when it comes to my luck… 90% of it is bad. So, getting little tragic and finding a wash that had such settings would all seem too good to be true for me… and too disappointing for all you your reading or those who were in the area to see. And as you might have guessed my luck was going to have to run out sooner or later. Well, sooner was the case.

The extra long car wash cost almost $5.00 more then what I had. I admit I don’t wash my car like I should, but since when does it cost $10.00 or wash your car. I mean, I could almost buy gas cheaper… LOL… ok, so I couldn’t do that… but still.

So, it was going to be the short wash… and a probable ride home… all the way across town… naked. Unless I could raise $5.00 in a hurry, I was going to be guaranteed to be showing some skin on the way home. Well, ask yourself… how could a girl like me get a quick $5.00?

Hey! I heard what you were thinking! And no… that is not how I got it. But, it is almost as bad. First I got out of my car and started going through my seats… I had hope I could find the money there. And let me tell you that was about pointless on two counts. One, it was damn cold… two, I only found 75¢ in the seats. Still $4.25 short, I was going to have to rely on some more of my crazy luck.

As I was going through my seats another car pulled up to use the wash. So, I walked back and noticing it was a guy I turned on my charms… yea I have them… they are not a big as other girls… but they are there. LOL I told him I really needed to get the gas I spilled on my car off and I didn’t have enough for the cheap carwash. I told him I had left my money at home by mistake.

Now, imagine for a moment you were this fine gentleman, and you had me in the same position. What might your stand be? Well, lucky for me this guy was very generous and gave me the money, but asked if he could jump in line and wash his car first because he was in a hurry to pick up his date so that he could take her to a show. Little did he know, that if he had kept his place in line… he would have gotten a show himself. LOL


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So, again fortune seemed to favor the unprepared. I had the money for the super wash, and no one in line behind me to watch my little strip performance. I was set. Nothing could go wrong. Show of hands… how many people see the plan come crashing down already?

So, he washes his car and I pay for the super wash and pull in. I put the car in park and the water starts. It was go time. Time for me to get naked as quickly as possible and then put on my new clothes just as fast.

Maybe I should tell you what the 8 items were. One… my big winter coat, not sexy, but warm. Two was my sweater. I also had on my bra, jeans, socks, shoes, panties, and a little hat to keep the ears warm. Plenty of times to cover the requirement of 8.

As the water starts to blast my car I toss my little hat into the back seat. Then I start to work my coat off. Wow, could it really be this easy? Oh, yea… some how the coat, which has pull ties at the bottom to keep the heat in, got hooked on my electric seat adjustment switch. Before you know it my body is pressed against the steering wheel, and I am fighting with my coat to get free.

It is amazing the time you can waste trying to get your coat off in a car when the seat and the steering wheel are about a foot apart! I worked my arm out of the coat and stared to move the lever to give myself the, much needed, stripping room. Once free of the devil seat’s grasp… I got the coat all the way off. If I didn’t know any better I would swear Oz rigged it to do that.

After I got the coat off I kicked off my shoes Then I started to work my jeans off. I shaved off…. (Bet I know where you thought that was going…) a few seconds by taking my panties down at the same time. Then pulling my socks off.

Now half naked, I pulled my sweater up over my head and off. As I unclasp my bra I was doing fine… the wash was still not half over and I was now bare ass naked in the front seat of my car. The cars that went by were going too fast… I think… to see anything. If they did… they didn’t let me know they saw.

Now, part two… get dressed in the new items. This was not going to be hard… how hard could it be at this point I thought. Well, I got the bra on first. I figured that if people were looking at the most they could see my boobs... so better cover them first. Next came the sweater. So far so good, or so I thought… you see as I was pulling the sweater on another car pulled in behind me. And as I grabbed for my panties I realized I didn’t bring any new ones. So I would have to go over the seat and get my old ones back.

Wish out thinking… I swung my leg over the seat and came eye to eye with the guy in the car behind me. I froze like a deer in headlights for what seemed like forever… My leg, up and over the headrest of the seat… my… well… my…. you can guess what…. Was spread wide and on display for this total stranger. Which if you can imagine the scene… my ass was on view through the windshield.

As luck, if you can call it that at this point, would have it the water started to spray the back window obstructing his view a bit just at the right time… well it would have been nicer had it started to stray a few seconds sooner… and prevented the beaver shot I gave him. But, hey, I am not going to be too picky. I was already red faced with embarrassment so I sat back down and decided that I really didn’t need to wear panties home.

So, after pulling my jeans back on… and act that surly let him know that I just showed him my all together… if he had any doubts, I pulled on my socks and shoes. Just in time to go put the car in drive and pull through the heaters.

Now the heaters dry your car… and in the cold… it is a good idea not to have a wet car… but after you show you most private parts to a total stranger… you might be inclined to join me in saying… fuck the dryers and just take off, which I did at the fastest legal speed I could muster in my little car.

Now, as for having to drive home minus a few items… I didn’t have my troublesome coat or my cute little hat on. And… Oh yea… my panties! Which all in all didn’t make for a bad ride home, which I managed with out further incident.

With the dare done… I wait for my next adventure… and after typing this report of the night’s events up… I hope you are too. I mean, I know it was not that exciting, but it did take a lot of effort to plan and so… not to mention write up once done. LOL Ok, it was not that hard… I was just going for the sympathy vote. LOL Hope you enjoyed it.


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