Jacuzzi Nude

Jacuzzi Nude

Fun In The Jacuzzi

BY: Lisa

In a jacuzzi I sat on my boyfriend's shoulders and he didnt know but the pressure on my clit was driving me crazy! After I hopped off him he needed to go and answer his house phone so in the jacuzzi I put myself in front of the jets and took off my bikini bottoms and the water massaged my clit. Then I took off my top and played with my boobs till I came. He returned to jacuzzi and saw my boobs were free but my bottoms were back on by then and he didnt know I just orgasmed. Then we hugged and he kissed and sucked my boobs t'ill his parents came home and caught us with my boob in his mouth!

By the way, his parents are REALLY cool and when we saw them there my bf jumped back and my boob jumped out of his mouth and his mom smiled at me and I laughed ALOT and his daddy looked at me but walked away in embarassment. LOL!

Then my bf rushed back into his room embarrassed also and I quickly followed. When I walked through the door I saw a flash and realized he took my pic but I was covered with a floor mat from the jacuzzi (my bottoms were still in the water somewhere!). We still couldn't stop giggling for at least 15 minutes. What a day!



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