MMF Threesome

mmf threesome

First MMF Threesome

BY: Lee

This is my first story so I should explain why itís written as it is. My girlfriend and I are both in college and this was our first experience of any kind other then with just the two of us. The picture was taken with our digital camera on 'timer mode'. Additionally, this was my first encounter with another guy and it drove her absolutely nuts. In fact, she liked our first threesome experience so much that she was constantly asking me to recreate it while we were in bed, so finally I decided to just write an extremely detailed account of what happened for her reading pleasure. And now I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!

Itís a fall Friday night and Iím taking you out to your first frat party with a couple of our friends. We all are at my apartment before hand, pre-gamming. Once we all feel good and ďready,Ē we head out and take the bus down to college and hop off at the southeast corner of campus and head up to my friendís frat house. After walking a bit tipsy down past a few other houses, we reach his frat, a huge white building with a 2-story entrance (sorry canít remember the name right now!) I call his cell and he meets us outside and takes us in the back and straight to the bar.




Everyone's welcome to watch or join in ... dare games going on round the clock 24/7.


You and I and our friends all get drinks and head to the ďparty room.Ē As we head up to the first floor you hear incredible bass pounding and thousands of voices talking. It grows louder and louder as the lights from the basement darken and darken. Soon we reach the top and find ourselves in a sea of people illuminated only by the occasionally colorful flash from the DJís wall of effects lights.

After socializing for a minute and drinking quite a bit more, I agree to go dance with you. You look so beautiful in your mini skirt and little shirt. I watch you for a minute as your begin to pulse your hips to the music and fall deep into the crowd. I follow you in and begin to rock back and forth to the music with you. We spend what seems like hours dancing and drinking and meeting people. The more drunk we get, the more turned on we get and the more pressure we put between each other. You can feel my penis growing against you and you rub me back and forth twisting and turning your hips. It gets bigger and bigger as we get hotter and wetter.

As we dance I slowly move you in the dark towards a wall and though you can barely see me in the dark sea of people, you know what Iím thinking and I know youíre thinking the same thing. Suddenly you feel the wall against your back and through it you feel the pulsing of the deep vibrating bass. We continue to grind against one another as we begin heavily making out. My hands are all over you and my tongue deep inside your mouth. I take both my hands and rub both your breasts as I continue rubbing my pelvis against yours.

In the dark, you make out the outlines of the other hundreds of people all grinding and making out as you feel my hand leave your breast and make its way down your smooth stomach. As we make out and dance against the vibrating wall, I continue moving my hand down the outside of your skirt until I reach the end. Eagerly you push your hips out practically begging my fingers to find their way to your perfect vagina, which is nearly soaking wet with anticipation at this point. Skillfully (of course), I pull your thong aside and begin rubbing my fingers in long strokes back and forth in your tight wet vagina. Our tongues intertwine and you start rubbing my penis (which is now hugely erect and throbbing for you).

Wasting no time you unzip my fly and pull it out and I grasp it and begin rubbing it against your clit in place of my fingers. No one can see whatís going on, nor hear the groans in the thunderous ocean of people, music, fog and flashing colored lights. Finally, you arch back and I slide deep inside of you, forcing myself all the way to your end as our legs press together. Using your skirt to form a bond between our bodies, I begin grinding with you to the pumping music, while surreptitiously pumping myself deep in and out of you.

I donít want to cum in you just yet so I quickly pull out. I can tell youíre disappointed, but I want to save some for later. So I tell you Iím going to grab us more beers and Iíll be right back. While Iím gone, youíre stuck in this place of heightened pleasure dying for a release, but of course youíre not going to just finger yourself right there.

Well, as is the case in frats, a hot lonely girl doesnít go unnoticed for long. Out of the crowd comes a guy youíre sure youíve seen before. He is well built and you find him quite attractive (though not as attractive as me of course). He asks if youíre in the same class and though you cant quite pinpoint it, you instantly recognize him. Youíre kinda drunk (to say the least) and start drunk blabbering about this and that. Abruptly, he asks if you wanna dance while you talk and since thatís what youíve been waiting to do, you say yes without thinking.

You both start moving back and forth with some space between each other. In the dark you begin to let yourself go to the music again and the alcohol helps you forget where you are and who youíre with. In the dark you feel his hands caress up and down your bare arms as the music gets louder and louder. It feels really nice to be touched so gently, and you move in a bit closer. As you both continue to dance, you move closer and closer until you occasionally begin to rub against one another. As you grove back and forth, you spin around so your back is to him and you slowly move closer back to him as you pump your hips side to side. Every so often you feel a bulge brush against your ass and you know what it is. As you keep dancing, getting closer and hotter and begin putting pressure against this hot guy, you see me in a flash of light looking at you with two beers in my hands.

Wide eyed, you back away from him realizing what you were doing but I seem strangely calm. I motion at you to be nice and at least finish the song with him. Confused but very happy with this acceptance, you turn back to him before he even realizes what you were doing or looking at. Its not even a minute until you realize maybe this is curiously turning me on a bit to see what you look like from another angle.

I watch you sway your beautiful self skillfully against his body and quite frankly itís a bit arousing. I drink my beer as I look at the way your bodies are pressed together and see his pants slowly expand as your sexy body moves and begins to give him an erection. As the DJ cross-fades into the next song, I come over to you and you step away from him and I introduce myself. He says very politely and apologetic that he didnít mean to hit on her realizing that weíre going out and I say itís totally fine. She can have fun without me too, sometimes. I invite him to keep dancing with you, but I want to join in too.

As the song fades in with the bass pounding and people all around us shaking and grinding and making out, I press my body to your front and him to your back. You feel so loved as the attention is entirely on you, in-between two hot guys rubbing themselves against you on both sides. As we grind in a sandwich you spin around and give me your ass and him your front, constantly changing. You feel both of our erections and know itís because of you that weíre so turned on. We finish out the song and after saying our ďnice to meet youís and see you laterísĒ I am so turned on that I insist we leave so I can have you all to myself at my apartment.

It is the most painful bus ride home, as all I want to do is be deep inside you. I long to lick you and kiss you and make love to you, and the vibrations of the engine are certainly not helping anything. Once we finally get there, we hop off the bus and head straight for my building. However, as we pass the office, we hear a ďwell hello again.Ē We both turn around and there he is walking in our direction. We both smile and I ask if he lives here. As it turns out he does and by chance decided to leave at the same time. We reintroduce ourselves and he apologizes again, but I remind him itís fine. He seems like a very nice guy so I ask what heís doing now, and if he wants to hang out for a bit. Heís very happy to be invited over and gladly accepts.

As we walk back to my apartment, you get a better view of him in the streetlight. Heís more attractive then you realized at first. Heís toned with a nice ass, with a muscular upper body and smooth attractive face. Once weíre back in my place, we all sit down on the couches and I make us drinks. We talk for quite a while about ourselves, where weíre from and what we do up here. The more we drink, the more friendly and open we get. Somehow we get into a discussion of what kind of porn is best, and I ask him if he ever heard the thing about how guys produce the most sperm to MMF porn. He knows what Iím talking about and we discuss why that is, from an evolutionary standpoint. He then asks if guys like girl on girl action so much, why donít you like guy on guy? You admit youíve never really seen it, but you are intrigued. Surprised he tells you how he knows a bunch of girls who get off to nothing but guy on guy, and I recall hearing the same thing from a few friends too.

After a somewhat heated discussion, you say youíre kinda bored and want to do something fun. Jokingly I ask if you want to look at porn, and he jumps in asking if maybe you just want to make your own. You smile and say no, but maybe something along those lines. You admit itís a bit childish, but you ask if we want to play truth or dare. In actuality, youíve been growing more and more attracted to him as weíve been talking, and youíre looking for an excuse to feel his body, and maybe even kiss him. He and I say thatís fine, but not until I get more drinks.

Once, I come back ad we drink up, weíre all feeling mostly drunk and quite happy. We all sit in a circle on the floor, with him on your left, and me on your right. He asks the first question to you, asking if youíve ever hooked up with a girl. You proudly respond that you have a couple times, and you liked it. We laugh and you ask the next question. You ask him if heís ever hooked up with another guy and suddenly he gets very reserved. After a moment of hesitation he admits a couple things have happened with him but with an embarrassed smile, refuses to go into detail. For his question, he asks me if Iíve ever done anything with another guy, hoping to remove the attention from him. After a second of hesitation, I explain that I had a few experiences when I was younger, but I, too, keep it vague.

Itís your turn again. You want to see a bit more, and you dare him to take his shirt off. He complies and exposes his muscular chest and hard abs. I respond with a dare for you to take your shirt off. Happily you pull your shirt up over your head and unclasp your bra, showing off your beautiful breasts. Trying to even the score, he immediately shoots back a dare for me to take of my shirt. As I pull off my shirt, showing off my muscular chest and arms and stomach, I catch him eyeing me up before quickly turning away. What a nice night so far, with too very hot sexy boys sitting half naked with you in the warm summer breeze coming through the windows. Thereís not much order to this game now and you ask him a truth question.

You ask him if he ever thinks about doing stuff with a guy, and I can immediately tell what you have on your mind. He says he canít lie, he has thought about it, but quickly turns the attention to me and asks what about me? I look at you and smile cause I canít lie about this, and admit that I have indeed thought about it. I decide itís time to remove more clothes and I dare him to take your skirt off for you. Happily he crawls over to you and very sensually pulls your skirt down to your ankles. Feeling a bit unfair, you dare both of us to take our pants off. We oblige and both stand up to slide our pants down over our boxers and step out of them. Before sitting back down, I canít help but notice a growing bulge in his pants, and Iím very sure he notices mine too.


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Once we sit back down, I ask him if he wants to kiss you and ask you if you want him to kiss you. He says he would and you say you would let him, clearly hiding both of your excitement, and then I finish by daring you to do it. You both kneel forward and meet in the center as your eyes close. You feel his thick lips touch to yours and suddenly a flash of excitement and pleasure flows through you as you feel these new lips. After a few sensual pecks, you slide your tongue between your pursed lips and part his lips. Gladly he receives your kiss and his tongue finds yours. Within moments, you move from gently kissing to making out, and Iím quite turned on seeing the way your mouth moves against his. After your tongues intertwine for a good minute, you move back down, slowly pulling your tongue from his mouth, and smile with delight.

Feeling kind of bad, he dares us to make out. Oh, what a dare! You do the same, kneeling in my direction, and repeat the scene. This time, however, you are more forward, exploring this familiar mouth. We kiss for a good minute as well and then I move back and we smile to each other. Thereís a bit of silence. You take another drink. You look at us and ask if we remember when we were talking about if you had ever seen guy on guy action. Of course we remember, but why? Youíre very (almost surprisingly) aroused by our two hot naked bodies in such close proximity and youíre thinking about that story I once wrote and what we once talked about. You grow hotter and hotter, debating whether or not to ask. You decide itís what you want. Shyly, you tell us that you would like to see some now.

Weíre both sort of confused but also a little excited, and we look at each other and shrug. He asks what you would like to see. Thinking for a second, you tell us to do whatever we want with each other- to do whatever feels good to each other, and you will watch. I can see the anticipation in your eyes as you move to the couch. I stand up, and he stands up in front of me; weíre nearly the exact same height. We are face to face in nothing but our boxers. The light from the outside dimly illuminates the muscles of our very hot bodies. As we stand face to face, our eyes are at the same level. I can tell heís dying to do something, but neither of us will make the first move.

You seem to notice both of our hesitation and suggest we help each other out of our boxers. He anxiously accepts, and I can tell heís been dying to have a guy to play with as he hurriedly steps in and puts his hands on my hips. I admit, I too, am very excited to see where this goes. Slowly, he uses his whole body to slip my boxers down to my ankles. The elastic band of the waist slides down, pulling my growing penis down until itís released, and Iím a bit embarrassed as it pops up at him. After I step my naked body out of my boxers, he doesnít seem to mind one bit as the swelled head brushes the side of his face on his way back up. As he ascends back up, he seems to check out my penis and his hands never leave my body, constantly caressing and feeling.

My turn. As I lower his boxers, I keep my face provocatively close to his erection, which is pushing straight through his boxers. Once theyíre down to his knees, his erection springs out at my face and I take a moment to look at it. Iím surprised at how thick it is. Itís not quite as long as mine but maybe even more bulky. I can tell he shudders in hope that it might come in contact with my lips as I stand back up, but I just graze right by it on my way back up, massaging his legs just like he did for me. Now we stand naked face-to-face and you watch with extreme anticipation and excitement, gently rubbing yourself (which is what you should be doing right now) as you see our large penises fully erect almost begging to play with each other.

He places his hands on my shoulders and lightly brushes down and back up my arms with his fingertips. I stand there with my eyes closed for a moment, enjoying the cautious touch massage before deciding to return the favor. I place my hands on his bare chests and bush my palms past his pecks, touching his nipples, and down to his abs. He steps in closer. His hands move to my back, continuing to feel up and down so lightly as I move my hands around to his sides and up and down his hips. He places his cheek next to mine as his hands massage their way down my lower back and to my ass. He takes a handful of my tight hard ass and squeezes me with both hands and begins to rub around. I move in closer and as I do, I feel his hot penis stroke against mine. He continues and steps in once more until my penis is forced against his and slides up his hard abs, and as it rubs upward on him, I feel his thick penis press against my abs and slide up in the same way until our chests are touching and our penises are pressed against one another in between us.

I can feel his pulse throbbing through his hot penis against mine and I reach down his back and begin to feel his hard ass. As we massage each other and apply more and more pressure between our hips, I place my lips to his neck and begin to gently kiss his neck up and down. Youíve never seen something this hot, as two strong hot guys so gently touching each other as their huge erections are pressed against one another, and balls rub against one another. As I continue to lick his neck, he does the same to me and we continue massaging each other, briefly sliding our hands down to our openings, taking a quick feel, and pulling back out.

After a minute of this sensual massaging, he steps back allowing our erections to spring back down and very cautiously moves his lips to mine. Iím a bit reserved at first, but I can tell heís very excited about this. He holds my lower back and I hold his biceps as we begin to kiss very gently. Just closed mouth kisses at first, it feels so different then any girl. As we kiss and get a bit more into it, he begins to rock his hips back and forth rubbing his shaft against mine. You think you might orgasm at the sight of our perfect penises rubbing against one another as we hold our muscular bodies together and kiss. As his tongue finds its way gently through my lips, I feel his fingers find their way down to my pubic area and start to play around ever so lightly. As we kiss more and more into it, his hands begin to stroke my penis with the skill only another guy could have, knowing exactly what to do and where to go.

As I feel his fingertips probing the head and opening of my throbbing erection, I slide my hands down his chest and through his neatly trimmed pubic hair to his thick pulsing penis, dying for a feel too. I slowly wrap my fingers around his thick penis and it feels so good to have its heat pulsing in my hand. I can feel him clench it with delight as he feels my touch. We both gently stroke each other and occasionally rub the very sensitive heads of our pulsing penises against one another. Slowly he moves downward, continuing to play with me, and I keep my hands on him, stroking my way up his abs and his chest and up to his neck. He takes his hands and continues to stroke my enormous throbbing penis as he positions it in front of his face. He takes a minute to examine it, seeming very impressed with it. Then, ever so gently his tongue comes out of his lips and touches the very tip.

You watch as he curiously licks very lightly around the head and to the sides, tasting my eager erection for the first time. He returns to the head and places just the very tip in his mouth and sucks on it for just a moment as a droplet of my pre-cum drips onto his excited tongue. He continues to gently suck it in for just seconds until removing it and sliding his way back up to my mouth and continues kissing me. The wet head of my penis once again slides against his hard abs as we kiss once more. But suddenly, he pulls his mouth away from mine and takes me by the waist and slowly guides my naked body around so my back is to him. He reaches around the front and continues to massage my penis, making sure to reach down to my balls to rub them too, and with his other hand, begins to guide his thick penis up and down between my legs.

I reach behind me and find his penis and continue to stroke it and as I do this, he presses his chest against my back, and starts to lick my neck again. I can feel his heart beating quickly against my back and his pulsing penis massaging my ass. He canít help the excited release of pre-cum onto me and as he continues to rub the hot wet bulging head of his penis up and down me, I gasp with pleasure as I feel it find its way to my opening and begin to press against me, and I continue to stroke him and rub his balls even harder behind me. I feel him start to apply more pressure between his thick pulsing head and my opening.


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You watch this rapidly increasing sensual display of rubbing and touching, youíre so wet since youíve been rubbing yourself through all this and are dying for attention of your own. Simultaneously, Iím dying to play with you too, and ask you to join us. Excitedly you come over to us as I turn around and pull you in between us. As I begin to passionately make out with you, he pulls your thong down to your ankles and traces his tongue back up the inside of your thigh, stroking past your vagina and up your back. As I make out with you, you feel both of our huge erect penises rubbing against you on both sides, this time naked unlike in the frat house, as he massages your breasts from behind you.

As I kiss you, I take my penis and start to rub it all around your clit, and getting the idea, he takes his penis and begins doing the same to the back of your vagina. You are in ecstasy as you feel our two giant throbbing penis heads massing your wet vagina all around. Then I take you and roll you down to the ground so that youíre lying on your back and immediately we both kneel on each side of you. He picks up quickly and we both move our mouths to your breasts creating a whirlwind of pleasure. You moan in pure delight as your feel our tongues twist and twirl around your erect nipples. To make things better, we spread your legs and put one of each of our legs in between you and our hands meet at your vagina.

As I begin to rub you up and down around your opening, he rubs circles around your clit. As our two tongues are all over your breasts and hands all over your vagina, you reach down to find our penises. Though mine is familiar, you are surprised at how thick his is too. You feel it throbbing in your fingers and begin stroking up and down. Our hands are all over each other, tongues all over you. After a minute or so of this, we both begin working our way with our tongues down from your breasts and to your stomach and further.

Finally, we spread your legs even more and both put our bodies in between them and our faces join up again as we share in a three way kiss with your clit. Waves of pleasure flow through you as two hard tongues work all around your clit and in and out of you. As we lick you, his hand finds my penis and continues stroking it and I do the same to him. We are all in such incredible pleasure with two tongues all around and in your tight perfect vagina, and his hand stroking my huge erection, and mine on his. We stay locked in this position for several minutes until finally I move back.

As I move away, he repositions himself in between your legs and youíre dying for penetration. I come around next to you and kneel beside you and begin rubbing you clit in one hand, and his penis in the other. As I jerk him off and masturbate you harder and harder, you are both dying to be together and so I guide his thick pulsing erection to your sopping wet opening and he takes over sliding it deep within you. It doesnít go as far as mine but the thickness is spreading you out more causing a wild new feeling. As you begin to moan and groan with pleasure, I bend down and begin licking your clit and his shaft back and forth. I stick my tongue firmly at the top of your entrance, pressing down on both your clit and the top of his shaft, creating a ridiculously heightened pleasure for both of you. As I do this and he fucks you harder and harder, I move my penis over to your mouth and move myself into a 69 position with you. I start fucking your mouth with my enormous throbbing penis and you suck me in so deeply as I continue licking both of you.

After minutes of pumping and sucking and fucking, he begins to breath very heavily and groans. I begin to rub his balls and lick you even harder. Suddenly you begin shaking into orgasm as he begins pumping his load into you and seeing this sends me off into orgasm too. I lean up and as you furiously jerk me off, I cum on your stomach as I groan and sigh with pleasure. Once we canít pump anymore, we all fall back and sigh with satisfaction.




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