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Last weekend, a good friend of ours from college was getting married and my girlfriend was one of the brides maids. So the day before the wedding, we all stayed at the brides sister's house, as the wedding was 2 hours away from where we live. Including the bride, there was 5 girls at the house that were getting ready. Me and the rest of the girl's dates (2 of the other 3 guys i knew from college) stayed over as well, naturally.

So the morning of the wedding, the girls decide to all get ready together in the master bedroom, which was connected to the master bathroom. The guys kind of just did their own thing in whatever rooms we were in. After bumming around I decided to get ready. Well my keys were in my girlfriends purse and my stuff was in my car. So I knock on the door to ask for the keys, and heard a "Come In" I didn't recognize if it was my girlfriend or not, so I just opened the door and went in. My mouth almost dropped. I step in, and there is my girlfriend sitting in a chair, completely nude, getting her hair done by our friend also completely nude, except for the towell in her hair. I got my keys and tried to let my eyes really pop out of my head.

I said to my girlfriend almost jokingly on the way out, "What if I was someone else" (not realizing it wouldnt matter because she was not the only one nude). She just looked at me and said, "Who cares, Kevin (our friend) was just in here before to have his tie fixed. I was surprised. Kevin was a good friend of ours, and was just lucky enough to see my girlfriend fully nude. Granted he has probably walked in on us having sex once, this is totally different. The girls must have been too tuned in to the wedding to care who saw them naked, The other 2 were in their thongs, with one girl in the shower. I left, to get my stuff, and made sure to stop back in to put my keys back into her purse. As I came up the stairs, another guy was coming out of the room. I went in again to see my girlfriend in the same position.

She was, as were the others, unphased by the guys. These girls are not wild exhibitionists, but not the prude-ish type either. My girlfriend said afterwards that they really didn't care, since we were all their boyfriends anyway. Even still, I got a thrill out of seeing the other girls nude or semi-nude, and a little thrill out of the others seeing my girlfriend, as well as her acceptance of it. By the time I thought about getting a picture of it, it was a bit late (not sure how they would have reacted to THAT anyway) but I did get this one, my wife putting on the brides dress which I think is still HOT!





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