Nude Photo Shoot

Nude Photo Shoot

Our First Time Nude Photo Shoot

BY: Krystal

One of my girlfriends and I were sitting around one night drinking margaruitas at my apartment and she was talking shit about how she should start dancing at clubs on the side or that she should start up her own website or something to make some extra money. She has said this a million times before. I told her to do it. She said that if she had a way to do it, she would. I told her that I know a guy here in the apartments that has a digital camera and he would help do it. She said sure call him up.

I called him up and he came over with some lights and a camera and helped us out. She chickened out big time at first, and she said that if it is so easy why didn't I do it. So I did. I raised my shirt up and flashed my friend. My friends eyes got real big! He is married and so am I. My girlfriend is not. Finally we all got into it and were having fun and we ended up doing many photo sessions in my apartment, her apartment, his apartment, the park, hotels, stores, clubs and just about anywhere we could. I am going to post one of my photos and see if anyone likes it and if so then we both might post some. Anyone who likes can email us at

Krystal - krystal_in_usa AT

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More Comments from Krystal

Thank you for all the feedback on my photo. That actual photo shoot got pretty wild! I ended up totally undressed out there and going all over the park. We drove around all over town looking for a not so public park and this one was in the middle of a large field, that was surrounded by housing additions. Everything went well until we had two young black guys ride up to us on bicycles. These guys were probably 20 years old and riding bikes. But anyways there I was bent over a picnic table with no clothes on and the rode up behind my friends, and we don't know how long they were there before we realized they were there.

At first I was sooooo embarassed! I heard my friend who was taking the photos say "Oh shit" and as I looked over my shoulder at him I see two black guys sitting on bikes not too far behind and beside him. My clothes were a good ways away on picnic table under the covered area. Anyways I was scared and embarassed. They finally said some stuff like "Your cool" and "Your one fine bitch". They just sat there and finally my girlfriend said "Hey, do you guys want to pose for some photos with us?" They both said sure and we started out with them standing next to me and then with their arms around me and such.

They ended up doing some shots with them behind me pulling my hair and such so that it looked like they were having sex with me, but they weren't. But they did end up fingering me for a real long time and then they both said they had always wanted to fuck a white girl. I said I wasn't ready to try that, but that's when my girlfriend stepped up and said "Let's see what you got!" They both pulled out their things from their shorts. One was only like maybe 5 or so inches long but it was real thick I have to admit and then the other guys was close to twice as long and pretty thick but not as thick as the first guy. Anyways they both ended up sitting on the picnic table and she sat on the bench in front of them and gave them hand jobs and oral sex until they both did their thing. Then we gathered up all of our stuff and got the guys cell phone numbers and we left. It was scary at first but then it was fun and exciting.

I will try to get time to go through the disks and cd's and dvd's and pick out some more that I think I look good in and will send them when I have time to sit down and write out the stories that go along with them. Some of my girlfriends have done this with us too and they are thinking about sending in their photos too.


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