Office Party Sex

office party sex

Office Party Wild Woman

BY: Liz

I am 42 years old and work for a very large bank. Last year I went through a really painful divorce after 20 years of marriage. My husband was my high school sweetheart. After we graduated I got pregnant and we got married. Up until our divorce I had never had sex with anyone but him. I was faithful to my husband throughout our marriage but I learned he was not faithful to me. One day he told me he wanted a divorce so he could marry a 31 year old secretary from work. Maybe there were signs I missed but it blind sided me. He admitted to me that he had had 3 other affairs during our marriage. His first one was 14 years ago. I was devistated by all this and my self esteem was at rock bottom. Alan is telling me no one wants to hear this stuff but it is my story. He says everyone will want to know how big my boobs are. They were D's before the divorce. Over the years I had put on a few pounds but I lost 20 pounds due to the stress of the dvorce. My boobs are C's now and are not as firm as I would like but no one has complained. The rest of me is in proportion and I'm told I have a decent body. When my husband left me for another woman I was convinced there must be something wrong with me.

After my divorce I was completely lost. I had not had to concern myself with dating in a long time. Alan asked me out and I went. I wore a dress a little shorter than usual and I tried to show a little cleavage. I have no intention of getting married at this point but I wanted to have some sort of social life. Alan took me out to eat and then to see a movie. During the film he put his hand on my knee. This had not happened since high school. As he was taking me home he asked me if I would sleep with him. We have talked about this several times since that night. I didn't know what to say so I said "yes". Truthfully, I was afraid to say no because I was afraid he might not ask me out again. My kids are older but they were visiting their father and his new wife that weekend anyway. I ended up in bed with Alan that night.

I thought my husband and I had a good sex life but now I doubted everything. I felt strange geting naked in front of a man from work. Alan gave me a wonderful orgasm by eating me. It was fantastic! It had been a long time since I had sucked a cock but I did my best on his. He ended up fucking me in the same bed I had shared for so many years with my now exhusband. It felt wonderful to have a man in me again. I had my tubes tied years ago so getting pregnant was not a worry. Alan and I have become what he describes as fuck buddies. He has been married twice and is currently divorced. Neither of us is looking to marry so I suppose we are fuck buddies.

During one of our evenings in bed we were talking about people at work when Alan asked me if there were any other men at work I found attractive. I told him there is a certain loan oficer that I think is attractive. He is single and nice looking. He's like Alan since he is a few years younger than I am. Much to my surprise this guy dropped by my office and asked me out. I accepted. Alan told me he had "helped" to arrange the date. This guy asked Alan if he had slept with me on the first date and Alan told him he had. That upset me. Now I knew why he had asked me out. I had reservations but I went out with this guy and slept with him. He was nice and I enjoyed the sex. My straight-as-as-arrow life style had ended in divorce so I began to think I might as well have a good time too. At least this attention helped my self esteem to some extent. I had begun to think I might not be attractive to men anymore and no one would want me. That probably sounds crazy but it concerned me.

Our bank Christmas party is quite an event. There are actually two parties. The bank has a big dinner fro the staff in the ballroom of a hotel. I had always attended that one with my husband. After the dinner is over there is some dancing. When that winds down there are always some emlpoyees who go together and rent some rooms so the party can continue. I've heard stories about the second party for years. One of our secretaries has the reputation for being in her underwear soon after it starts, or that is the story I've been told.

Alan took me to the bank party and told me I should dress up. I had always been one of the conservative people so I thought I was dressed pretty provocatively for me. I wore pantyhose on my first date with Alan and he never lets me forget it. For the party I knew to wear thigh highs, a thong (the worlds most uncomfortable underwear!), a sexy bra, and the highest heels I can stand. I wore a shorter skirt than usual and a sheer blouse. Many of my fellow employees were surprised to see me there. Alan kept telling me to loosen up. I'm not a drinker but I do like wine. I hit the wine pretty hard. Alan showed me the secretary in her underwear. I had never fully believed that story but it is true. She was in this hotel room in her bra, thong, and heels. She was very popular too.

Alan took me to another room where our group met. It will probably disappoint all of you to learn I didn't get gangbanged or suck off a room full of men. I got pretty drunk and the folks I work with got to see my bare ass. Alan teased me until I pulled my skirt up to show them I had on a thong. As the evening went on the number of people dwindled. Alan and some others tried to get me to take my blouse and bra off. Eventually I took my bra off and put my sheer blouse back on. When I saw myself in a mirror I was embarrassed because my nipples were clearly visible. A few of them patted my butt and several came up behind me, grabbed my tits, and said "guess who?" I never did take my blouse off but I did unbutton it before we left. Alan took me home and we had sex. I received an email when I got back to work that contained a picture of me showing my ass. It was quite a party.

Since then I have dated another guy from work. He did not fuck me on the first date but he did on the second. I do not consider myself the office slut. I have no desire to marry. I have a career and make decent money. I do like men and I do like sex. I am smart enough to know that men will take me out just for sex. I have decided that, if I find him attractive, so what? I want a social life and a sex life too. I did it the other way for 42 years and that didn't work so I'm going to take a different approach. So far I like it.



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