Restaurant Sex

Restaurant Sex

Restaurant Sex

BY: Josh & Dana

Good dare site!!

We are submitting this nude picture of my girlfriend. It doesn't have anything to do with our dare story but when you read it you'll see we couldn't exactly take pictures where we were. LOL

My girlfriend and I went to a fondue restaurant together and sat in a round booth in the back of the room. Almost no one could see us from the other tables. I had loose shorts on and my girlfriend had a skirt but no panties. After ordering I slipped off my shorts and we sat with my arm around her and fingered her pussy while she played with my hard cock. She got wet pretty fast. Soon the waitress came with a cheese fondue and stood preparing it while we sat there playing with each other under the table.

When she left we ate the course. When we were finished we went back to the foreplay.This time she was dripping wet and my finger made slurping noises as I fingered her pussy. The main course came next and we stopped while we ate it and afterwards she just played with my cock while I sat back and enjoyed it. Finally the waitress brought us a chocolate fondue with fruit and pastries. When the waitress left we navigated so that my girlfriend sat in my lap and I slid my cock into her wet pussy. I was ready to cum any time and as we ate every time she moved I almost had an orgasm. We finished eating and she got off and then just jerked me off under the table. I came into my napkin. When I was finished we paid our bill and I got my shorts back on and we left. It was the hottest night I have ever had.



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