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female squirting

Female Squirting During Orgasm


One time... was one of the greatest things i was part of. Happened to be my wifes and her girlfriends first 3 some. The girls decided to experiment and they started off by showering and getting all ready before i got home. No stove cooked dinner that night but I sure got my fill in the bedroom. In the beginning it was just them with me watching, and I dont think I have ever seen two women so sexually wound up. they went from mild to wild and eventually they asked for me to join in. I took my time savoring the taste of each of them. After a while of eating pussy and taking turns fingering each and playing with their clits, nipples and whole bodies in general I started off with fucking the wife first while they kissed etc, and then we changed positions.

Between my wife sucking her nipples and me screwing the hell out of her when she started cumming, she totally tensed up and came so hard that she started squirting uncontrollably/cumming at the same time and couldnt stop herself. Now I had read about this but never had been privvy to it happening until then. While it was happenning i blurted out "damn a squirter"....(actually she was gushing). I pulled my cock out and while my wife was holding her hand rooting this fabulous orgasm on we both watched in amazement as my wifes girlfriends body just kept contracting in orgasms below me. She must have cummed like that for a good 45 seconds. I'll tell you, she couldnt stop. I was soaked, she was soaked, the sheets and mattress even got soaked. Once she stopped cumming she layed there exhausted, totally spent and unbelieving of her orgasm that just occured. She lay there holding my wifes hand with little quakes going thru her body. She said she didnt know if she should be happy she came like that because it was such an intense cum or should she feel bad about possibly ruining our mattress with all her cumming. Needless to say we told her not to worry a bit. It was her first time squirting and as much as we tried in the future to recreate that feeling for her, it never happened again.. Truly memorable especially since I got a picture memento of the occassion with both of them 'posing' sort-of in the kitchen.




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