Topless Beach Picture

Topless Beach

my First Time on a Topless Beach

BY: Michelle

Before the my vacation my boyfriend and I were talking about me going topless on the beaches, by the pools, and I didn't know what to do. I like the idea but am a bit shy, and would it be weird being topless around his family? Well we went away to a really nice resort on the costa del sol, and here is what happened:

The first day we went to the beach we all found a nice spot and settled down. Then more or less instantly my boyfriends mum and sister just took off thier bikini tops and sat down like it was nothing. This kinda thew me a bit for 2 reasons, first I was just not expecting that at all. I had been thinking about it for ages and then they were topless after spending less than 5 mins on the beach. The other reason it was strange for me was because I found it strange that his 18 year old sister (who unfortunately had bigger breasts than me - a confidence kicker) had absolutly no problem with her 2 brothers and dad seeing her essentially naked, all she wore was a string bikini. So at first I felt really out of place, and although I wanted to take off my top because I was the only one with a top on, I just couldnt bring myself to do it.

Later that day me and boyfriend went for a walk along the beach and talked about it, he said there was no problems and that it was important that I do whatever I felt comfortable with. We sat down away from his family and he suggested taking my top off here to see how I felt about it, so I did, and I gotta say it felt great, felt so open (in a good way and at ease). Some people walked past us, at first I covered up my breasts with my arm pretending I was actually doing something but after about an hour I felt confident and strong (I know it sounds strange but thats the way I felt) and no longer covered up. We then decided to go back to his family, and I decided that I would just walk up the beach to them topless and hope for the best, so we walked.

We passed a group of guys who all totally looked at me, it felt as though it took about an hour to walk past them, I couldnt believe that these guys were seeing my breasts. We arrived back to where his parents were sat and no one said anything at all. His brother did look (a lot) and his dad had a smile on his face, but that was it, my boyfriend, his dad and brother all went for a swim in the sea, and it was just us girls left, the three of us sitting there topless. I felt good and happy, it had really been a big weight on my mind. For the rest of the holiday I was always topless, even went to the bar at the pool topless and got some drinks. There was only one tricky moment when we had a photo taken of the 2 of us girls topless while taking a walk, I felt a bit uncomfortable with that, but didn't want to say anything. Overall though a great holiday and the most daring thing I have ever done.


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