Women Who Masterbate Here are some of the emails I've gotten especially early on before I had the post your story section:

- I like it as a stress relief. I too was taught that playing with myself was bad. I've learned to the contrary that masturbation is good for the mind and body. It helps the woman learn about herself. After all, if she can't please herself, then how can she tell her lover what to do. By the way, sex with a partner is much better than by oneself. - Sheryl

- I am 29 And divorced, I masturbate almost every day. When I was married, I would still take care of my self almost everyday. I love being with a man, and I have no problems climaxing during sex most of the time. Still My time alone is still something I enjoy. - b.b.

- Like most guys, my husband loves to watch me play with myself. I'll give myself an orgasm, then he'll come in and get me going again. Yes, I do it alone too. It helps me sleep at night after a stressful day at work. By watching me, my husband learned how I liked the outside of my thighs caressed. And he taught me that rubbing my butt in a little more detail (hehe) enhances my excitement. Toys are good too, but a good ol' fashion hand job is great. - Kim

- I masturbate two or three times a day every day. I am maried and my husband gets me off, but I just love doing it to myself. I do it every morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and always when I am laying in bed next to my husband who is sound asleep. This is about 2:00;am And yes he knows I do it that much. He loves for me to tell him about it. It makes him hard as a rock. - Pam

- I don't fantasize about anything really. I enjoy the soft touching of myself. On another posting I made the comment that women enjoy the seduction and touching when it comes to sex. We don't need the visualization that you men enjoy so much. I have steps that I take to help me relax before I actually touch my pussy. I don't just start fantasizing about some guy (or girl hehe) and then start rubbing my clit. Of course, this is me. Some women might do it differently. - Marina

- Well, I have been divorced for quite a long time. And even though I go out and such, Seems like I find myself having to masturbate a lot. I love the feel of a man inside me, either with his penis or tongue. So, when I am masturbating, I always think of having sex with someone. - Jenny

- I get myself off every night right after my shower. I get myself on the floor, rub my pussy till it's soaking wet then rub off my clit t'ill I am seeing stars, then off to bed for a great nights sleep. - Rita

- My husband taught me it was okay to masturbate many years ago. He loves when I do it in front of him and it's exciting for me too. We have been trying to spice things up lately and I have masturbated with a dildo a couple times in the car while driving on the expressway. There is nothing like the feeling of coming at 70 MPH ;) - Jackie

- My husband convinced me too. It has become part of our sex life. He goes crazy when I rub myself to a loud orgasm while he sits in a chair watching. I have done it in the car while wearing my short skirt. When a car pulls up along side, my husband tries to get me to stop, but no way! Sometimes the occupant looks over in disbelief. At that point I don't care who watches me cum. - Tracy



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