Same Room Sex Here are some of the emails I've gotten especially early on before I had the post your story section:

- We have done this on several occasions. You can really get hot if the other couple is fucking too. We usually keep all the lights off, and don't start until everyone is ready. My wife especially likes to give me a blowjob because the slurping sound she makes usually gets the other couple excited. My favorite is after your eyes get accustomed to the dark, you can make out the outline of the other couple if they are on the side of the room with the windows. We really get off with SRS and hotels are usually the best place to do it since you can get rooms with double queen or king size beds. We have never gone any further than SRS. - Happy Ones

- Happened to us in New Orleans at 2000 Mardi Gras. Went with another couple. Booked rooms months in advance. Arrived only to find some how reservations were snafued. Only option was the hotel offered us a large one room kind of mini-sweet with 2 king size beds. Nothing else we could do unless one of the couples wanted to stay at the airport Hotel 6. Well, as everyone knows M.G. is a pretty charged atmosphere. Neither wife flashed, but we all had plenty to drink and saw all sorts of flashing and everything else. Guess both couples went back to the room pretty horny by Sunday evening, our second night there. My wife and I were getting kind of frisky under the covers and when we stopped for a second to listen and see if we were being "noticed" there were unmistakeable sounds of similar activity from the other bed. Well, that pretty much did it. We just relaxed and had a good old fashioned wild sex session and so did our room mates. The lights were off and other than flailing bed covers no one could see anything, but the sounds where incredible. It was obvious both couples were feeding off the sounds coming from the other bed and pretty much all 4 of us came at the same time. Us guys (and I'm sure the ladies) talked about it in private and later my wife and I did, but other than sheepish grins the next morning no one said anything as a group. Everyone thought it was great and an incredible turn on. The samething happened again on Tuesday night. This time both couples were a bit less restrained about keeping under the covers, but again no one could really see much. Doesn't help much in getting your wife to try. Obviously Mardi Gras is a pretty unique set of circumstances. Maybe just hearing that a different couple did it and love it will help though. - Monty

- Done the one hotel room two couples thing a few times but with another couple who knew we were there to have sex while the other was in the room. Another variation that works well is no lights but a couple well placed candles. One session led to the wild 4 way you could imagine without any guy/guy stuff. I still dont know if the ladies planned it but anytime they want to repeat it Im sure i will say yes. - We have done listened to other couples in an ajoining room several times through the years. Here is what happened one Thanksgiving at my wifes sisters home in NC. The entire family came to her house for the weekend. So to provide enough sleeping room my sister in law parked their motorhome in the driveway and set it up for my wife and I and another couple to use for a bedroom. The motor home slept 6 so there was plenty of room for both of us to have our own bed with a sliding door between them. We all had been drinking quite a bit before we decided to go to the motorhome for the night. My wife was really hot and I knew it wouldnt be long before we would be fucking. The other couple was my wifes other sister and her husband. We went to our little room in the rear of the motor home and got in bed. Soon my wife was giving me a great blow job and I was going down on her. I think her sister was listening to hear what we were doing because soon I heard them making the same sounds and the bed in their end of the motor home was squeeking softly. That is all my wife needed to hear. She got on top of me and began to ride me so quietly in the dark. Soon she began to ride faster and push down on my cock even harder. I reached up to cover her mouth so she would not get too loud but it didnt help much. Soon I could hear her sister moaning louder and louder. We really had the motor home rocking. - Routed

- We did that years ago with a set of friends. Back in the days before we had kids. I had always thought my friend's wife was a bit of a prude, but around midnight we could hear them going away in the bed next to us, which spurred us on. THe funny part happened early the next morning. I had to use the bathroom and forgot to put something on when I got up. Out walked my friend's wife, in pretty much the same manner of dress. It was awkward for all of a minute before we started laughing. I don't think she is a prude anymore. - Lovers

- During college my gf and I had to share a room with another couple at a science fiction convention. The first night we sacked out, it had been a long drive from school. But the next morning Gina asked me if I'd heard anything and I confessed I'd been dead to the world. SHe explained that around 4 am our friends had begun fooling around and she heard lots of creaking and changing positions and then unmistakable wet sex sounds and muffled moans. This was after sitting at breakfast with them and they looked as normal and clean-cut as anybody at an sf con looks :) Anyway Gina said it had excited her incredibly and admitted that sometimes she could hear her suitemate have sex. This was all new for us to discuss and she really let me know that overhearing the sex was a super turn on for her. It had gotten me hard too so we slipped away from the crowd and back to the room and she blew me while I played with her pussy. We were almost caught by Mike and Mary but laughed it off as a quick bathroom run and hoped they didn't notice my jeans were out in the hotel room desk chair! So that night we waited until late and sure enough when they thought we were asleep they got into it. Pretty soon I was as hard as a steel beam and Gina was playing with me. I had her lie on her side and slipped into her soaked pussy. Well it was as slick as ever had been and it was too easy to move back and forth and all of a sudden there was this enormous SQUISH even though we were hardly moving, sort of a suction effect. Well M&M froze and so did we but I was in this awkward position pushed inside her and could not hold it so after several seconds of silence I pullled back out. Gina totally lost it and just groaned, it must have been some sensation. Well Mike spoke up and said are you guys up? and Gina just giggled and I said we have been up the entire time. Are you doing what I think you are doing he asked and I said I did not know what they were doing, was it the same thing? All this while nobody seemed to be moving. So he said he asked first and Gina said she could practically see what they were doing anyway and why not just admit it? Well Mary sort of kicked the covers off at that point to their waist and we could see her tits and Mikes hands all over her. I said I could do that one better and pulled the covers all the way down and rolled onto my back and pulled Gina on me and we began fucking away right in front of them. It was definitely one of the highlights of my college years. - Good Times

- Experienced this, due to hotel booking screw up. Basically, ended up in a room with friends - to cut a long story short we where screwing with them in the other bed. No swapping occured but we all saw each other screwing. When my wife and spoke about it later it was like being in a porno movie. We both enjoyed being watched and looking at another couple while they were fucking. It was a case of trying to out do the other couple. We did everything - blow-jobs, pussy-licking and ass fucking. Like I say it was a case of trying to out shock each other. I have to admit that I got hard again seeing my wife lying spread-eagled with cum running out of her pussy. She later told me that she'd had loved any of the three of us others to have licked her clean (now she tells me). We have more stories on this line - it's just the first. - R & D


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