Balcony Flash

Balcony Flash


I have a dare for your site that I once did. I was at a conference in Atlanta and staying at a local hotel rather than a big name place. It was old but cozy and had these great balconies. I was on the top floor and there was only one balcony across from mine say about ten feet away and it seemed not in use. I didn't consider there would be anyone there it was always dark, so went out on my balcony and removed my robe...the night air on my skin was great ... I got a little excited and well one thing then another...anyway after climaxing I fell asleep. In the morning I awoke and stretched fully and noticed an old guy across on the next balcony drinking coffee. He lifted is cup and said hello.

He was around 70 years old and had a huge smile on his face. I realized modesty was already gone so I said hi back as I put on my robe. He asked me to join him for breakfast, that he had enough for two. I thought for a second and then agreed. I told him I liked mine black with only a little sugar and went in my room and through the hall to his door. He met me at the door with my coffee.

We talked over toast and when I was confident in his nature asked him about last night. He admitted that he had been sitting out on his balcony with the lights off and saw me. I jokingly said that it wasn't fair that he saw and I hadn't so he asked if I wanted him to remove his robe. With a smile I said sure....he did and he must have been one fantastic young man. When I told him so, he said that at 73 he still was fantastic. I know what your thinking.....did I or didn't I....

and the answer is yes...I did, and he still writes to me ....he doesn't e-mail ...he feels that the written word is more personal and if you think about it, maybe he is right and we are all moving away from that earlier time too fast and may be missing out. - Claire



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