Birthday Dare

Birthday Dare


My girlfriend agreed to do a dare of my choice as a birthday present which couldn't make me happier. She came over to my house this past Saturday morning and with a big smile and big kiss said, "happy birthday" and gave me a card. I opened it and it said alot of very romantic things etc. and then said, "You gift from me will be any dare you'd like me to do today!"

Wow! I had always wanted her to do a dare in a public place but she always refused saying, "maybe one day". I was so excited! I decided we'd go out that afternoon and she'd have to drive around with me naked in the car. She dropped her head and said, "oh God, what have I gotten myself into" ... turned red and said ok let's get this over with. We drove around for about 20 minutes and in tha time about 3 other people in other cars saw her and honked and applauded! I was loving it and she was so embarrassed but turned on as I could see how wet she was between her legs.

Then her cell rang, she answered and it was her mom! She had no choice but to talk and had to hold back a giggle as she was in a car, naked and talking to her mother who didn't know. She hung up about 2 minutes later and that gave me an idea. I wanted her to call her best friend and tell her what she was doing at this moment. My girlfriend said, "no way!" but I reminded her that it was my birthday and this was her present to me. She sighed and said, "fine."

So I pulled over and told her to get out to make the call. She just looked a me blankly? I told her we were on a road that wasn't very busy and that I wanted her to make the call while she was outside with the sun on her body. She looked around and opened the door. Dialed the number and started talking to her friend normally. I got out and started taking pictures. This was my birthday and I wasn't about to forget it! She seemed annoyed but let me take them. I found it hot that she was telling her girlfriend that she was naked outside. Her girlfriend laughed and told her to go over to her house as she has 3 brothers that would like a look. With that my girlfriend told her off and then we got back in and started heading home. I reached down between her legs and started to stroke her. She was soaked!!! I asked her if she liked it and she didn't say anything (she didn't want to admit it) but kept her legs wide open and soon was cumming like a mad woman! We got home and had great birthday sex and after it was over she laughed and laughed and said, "yes it did turn me on but I don't want you to think I'll do this regularly".

As the day ended I asked her if I could post one of the pics online to your site to complete my present and she again hesitated but finally agreed saying that I better make her birthday 'special' . I can't wait!




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