Dream Leanne Chats Nude

Dream Leanne Chats Nude


This dare is the result of your website! My name is 'Dream Leanne' and I am submitting my dare.

I am currently in a long distance relationship with a man I truly love but we only get to see each other once every 3 months! Needless to say that leaves me feeling, er, hotter than I want to be LOL . When he comes back into town we are all over each other and I have my 'fill' so to speak but then after a couple weeks I start to feel the 'need' again. Usually I take care of myself but I HATE doing it alone.

So about 3 months ago I started getting addicted to chatrooms and would cyber-flirt and get myself off this way. I chat with guys, girls and basically whoever is online at the time. Well, a few days ago I was feeling horny and logged into the chat rooms and started hitting it off with a guy named Terry. We chatted a bit and I asked him what he was into etc... He asked me what I was wearing (what else LOL!) and it got steamier and steamier. Then he asked if I wanted to play 'truth or dare' with him while we chatted. Sounded like fun so I said yes and we went through a few naughty truths before getting to the fun stuff.

For the dares we agreed to move into the videochat room. Once we had our cams set-up he dared me to lick a banana in an erotic way. I dared him to take off his clothes for me slowly. I like to get down to business! I watched as he performed for me and started touching myself as he did. I liked this game! He then asked to see one of my boobs. So I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it aside for a few seconds. He loved it! And so did I.

We did a few more similar dares until we got a point where we said, "anything goes for one dare!"

It meant we could ask each other to do one dare and we couldn't refuse. So, I went first and dared him to let me watch while his girlfriend stroked him to completion. (** While we were chatting he told me he lives with his girlfriend and she will sometimes participate and sometimes not. It depended on if she was on the phone, which she was often.) He accepted and then dared me to post a picture online of me watching them do the dare I gave them. I asked where and that's when he showed me this site and told me it is one that is a dare site that is in good taste. After looking it over I liked it alot and accepted (not that I had much choice as we had agreed 'anything goes' but it was considerate of him to ask anyway.)

My webcam is old so I got out my digital cam and set it up on 'timer' and took a few pictures of me watching him. The one attatched in this email is my favorite. So I watched him being stroked and got really excited! To the point where I started rubbing myself furiously while I watched her hand slide up and down. I then saw him cum and I did the same not long after. I then showed him the picture and promised I'd hold up my end of the dare. So we said goodnight and I went off to bed. Before going to sleep I came 3 more times thinking about what I had just done and about my picture being online. So here it is. I know you can't see that it is Terry's girlfriend's hand in the picture but I promise you it is her. I hope you like it. Luv DreamLeanne

Terry's Girlfriend Hiding

**From the Webmaster - Don't worry DreamLeanne. I believe you about Terry's girlfriend. As a matter of fact, I've
blown up the picture and isolated that one part of your screen. If you look closely, you can see the outline of her. You can also see red nail polish on the hand. And (I think) you can see the moment Terry exploded. Not sure about that as it could be shadows.

Terry also emailed me telling me to be ready for your picture. He wanted to make sure you followed through :) . I have also asked him about this new blow-up image and he was ok with me adding it. His gf was too because you can't really identify her. He said he generally chats online using free chat rooms and that you were the most fun chatter he's played ToD with so far. Thanks for posting and send more when you play again.



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