My Gown Slipped Up

My Gown Slipped Up

My husband found this site and asked me to write something. We are new and in to exhibitionism which looked like what this topic is. We are both in our late twenties and keep our bodies in shape. My husband says my best attribute is my butt and that area is what we target most in showing off. Although I get alot of compliments on my breasts as well.

It really turns my husband on more, I guess, than it does me in showing me off. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy it and it works for our excitement. Sometimes, though, my husband gets carried away with his requests. One such thing is his letting our neighbor's son see me. He's 18 and a freshman in college but when he first saw me he was just 18 and it felt wrong.

He goes to a community college and commutes each day so he lives at home with his parents. We've known this family for several years since before we started exhibitionism.

It all began this summer as I don't work and our neighbor was out of school for the summer and not working. He's cut our grass and cleaned gutters and done little things like that for us in the past as my husband is not handy at all. Before this summer I had never thought of showing anything but we were in a rut with our sex life. We had gotten to the point we had to schedule when to have sex and when that happens it's not sex, it's maintenance. We tried talking about things in bed and fantasizing to help and somehow my husband brought up MIKE (our neighbor's son). He asked how I'd like for Mike to be mowing our backyard and look up at the sliding doors and see me cleaning off the table naked or in my underwear. Going along with the excitement I said it would be hot and before I knew it my husband asked me to do it.

The next time Mike came over to mow, I wore a very short yellow cotton gown and see thru panties. The gown came to just below my butt but did not allow for any bending without showing everything. Mike always came in the morning so being in my gown seemed appropriate. Mike had told my husband when he would mow it and my husband said sure and told him to just let me know he was here. My husband was going in late so he could watch.

I was sitting at the table when Mike tapped on the sliding doors. Nervously,I got up and opened them. He had never seen me like this even though nothing showed at this point just a very short gown. I immediately saw his look go up and down me and I felt excited. He said he was here to cut the grass and I told him to go ahead. I had piled laundry on the table to fold as my reason to stay there. Before I started my husband begged me to take my panties off for this and ran his hand inside them. He was so excited I was already wet. He started pulling them down and at first I stopped him but he prevailed.

To make a long story short, I did alot of bending and reaching across the table folding clothes while my husband watched and reported from the window. He said Mike was doing alot of looking and at one point reached down to position his cock which my husband said was probably getting hard. Me? I admit I was excited because I knew he was seeing my butt and pussy from the rear completely naked. When Mike gets finished he comes to the door and we pay him.

Mike wanted me to let him in and offer something to drink. I was to tell Mike my husband was in the shower and let me ask where the checkbook was. I went to our bedroom door and hollered asking where it was and my husband hollered back "on the fridge" loud enough that Mike could hear. This meant I had to reach up to get it which meant my gown would come up as well.

Mike was looking at me as I walked back towards him and I glanced down quickly I guess to see if he was hard. The baggy shorts showed nothing but when my eyes came back up they met his eyes. I was suppose to reach at an angle for the checkbook to show my front some but I didn't. I reached with my back to him and felt my gown go up to my waist. It was so quick but I'm sure he saw me naked. I was to bend over in front of him to write the check so he could see my tits down my gown which showed completely. Again, I'm sure he was looking. I gave him the check and he smiled and left. I sat down. My husband came out and I stood up and put my arms around him and he reached down to find me wetter than I've ever been I guess. We went to bed talking and fatasizing and my husband wanting me to tell him how hot it was for me.

Our master bedroom is on the lower level and Mike's on the second level and we've wondered how many times he may have watched us in bed. We are new to the world of exhibitionism but like it so far. If we are out we always make it look accidental. I don't know that this may be too tame to be on here or if it would interest others to hear about different things we've done and do. My husband came here yesterday and asked me to tell something for ourexcitement mainly. Hopefully you enjoyed it. At my husband's request and as part of our new exhibitionism, I am also attaching a picture of myself for the site. - Molly



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