Karen's Debut

Karen's Debut

Daring Wife on Vacation:
Several summers ago my wife and I were camping with friends and someone suggested that we all go skinny dipping. Several people, including my wife, said “great idea” and no one expressed any doubts or objections. However, when we started walking out of camp the other four wives/GF didn’t move. When asked what was going on the girls said “no way”. Husbands and BF tried to talk them into it, and my wife told them being outside nude and swimming bare was great. They still refused. We're all in our thirties so skinny dipping was a big deal for them.

After my wife said she was going to do it and we all should, it was skinny dipping or backing down. I thought she’d back down and I’m sure the other guys and their wives/GF were surprised when she left with us guys. My wife is usually modest, but occasionally she really surprises me.

We’d been married less than a year and I realized that agreeing to join four couples skinny dipping had suddenly turned into Karen being the only one might actually be nude for the guys. I wasn’t sure what to do so I decided to see how she’d handle it before I said anything.

I’ve seen girls swim in their undies, but Karen wasn’t wearing a bra that weekend so if she went that far she’d be topless in wet panties. I wondered if she'd really go topless in front of the guys.

As soon as Karen saw the beach she casually removed her blouse. Perhaps Karen was afraid that she’d back out if she gave herself a chance to think about it because she quickly undressed. Before I knew it, Karen slipped off her panties and turned to face us. The guys enjoyed a delightful frontal view -- of my nude wife. After she went in we guys joined her in the water.

I was really embarrassed with Karen naked in front of guys we knew. Yet, I loved seeing her bare breasts bouncing on the water. I was so proud of her: she was so bold and so stunning. Surprisingly, I started enjoying the guys see my wife naked!

Later I noticed two of the guys were standing next to her really checking her out. The water was a bit cold and it affected Karen’s nipples nicely. Seeing her hard erect tits jetting out right under their noises and her exposed bush only inches away from their hands was embarrassing but also a turn-on. Karen later told me that besides ogling her they discussed how great her tits looked. She thought it was tactlessly given that she was standing there naked as they talked about her nude body. They complemented her in detail on how nice her firm breasts and erect nipples looked. It was obvious to me that they were hoping they could somehow get the conversation to the point were they had a pretext to verify the firmness of her breasts, and maybe the sensitivity of her nipples, with a hands-on inspection. But nothing like that happened.

When she exited the cool water, nude, wet, with delightfully erect nipples, my friends were obviously again enthralled with the view.

I was hoping to see the other women naked but if they had come it wouldn’t have been the kind of anxious turn-on I got by seeing my nude wife the center of attention. Since then she’s teased me about how I enjoy parading her around nude.

If you’d like to see ‘more’ of Karen &/or read additional adventures contact us at mth_Karen @ yahoo.com. If we get 20 or more replies we’ll post at Truth or Dare Pics, otherwise we’ll send directly to you if you request it. Also please let us know what you thought of our story and the picture. - MTH & Karen



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