My Wife at a Strip Club

My Wife at a Strip Club

Hi webmaster,

This is a picture of my wife the day after!

Took my wife to a very nice gentleman's club with very sexy and very friendly dancers. We drove about an hour away from where we live for the weekend and stayed at a nice motel to get away from our lives and be together. I convinced her to wear a skirt and button down blouse. Underneath only white stockings and a garter. We sat at a table at the edge of the stage and all the dancers paid a lot of attention to her, being sure to give her lots of close ups of their pussy and letting her kiss and suck their tits.

There was one dancer that my wife took a special interest in and as she came over for a dollar dance, the dancer told my wife to stand up and then the dancer unbuttoned her blouse and opened it up. The dancer leaned in and started sucking my wifes nipples. I could tell that it was driving her crazy. Of course all the guys in the place were just loving it including me. After the dancer pulled away, my wife slid a $5 bill across the dancers pussy and the dancer went on to the next customer.

After her set was done, the dancer came over and joined us at the table. We talked and found out that her name was Angel and we spent the next half hour or so chatting and tipping the other dancers. I caught Angel's eye and I reached in my pocket and pulled out $50. The club had a separate room for "private dances" where the dancer would wear a g-string and give you a very nice lap dance. I pulled up my wife's skirt and slid the fifty into the top of her stocking and then suggested that she join Angel for a private dance.

Well, my wife thought that might be a really good idea and the two of them wandered off hand in hand to the private room. Now, at $25 for each song, I expected them back again after two songs. But when the second song ended they didn't come out. And when the third song ended they didn't come out. And when the fourth song ended, I finally saw my wife emerge from the room.

She looked like she'd just been wildly fucked. The blouse was rumpled up, her hair was messed up, and she had this look like she'd been drained. She walked over to me and before I could ask how it was, she said, "Give me a hundred bucks." So, I reached in my pocket and gave it to her and she walked back to Angel and slid it in her g-string and gave her a huge hug and kiss and then turned and walked back. She walked up to me and said, "We need to go."

Well, I wasn't sure if she was pissed or tired so I followed her out and got in the car. She sat in silence and stared out the window as we went our hotel. When we got there I sat down on the couch and she sat down next to me. Still a little concerned I asked if she was all right and if she liked the dance.

She then proceeded to tell me about the dance and how Angel had started out with a typical lap dance rubbing her ass in my wife's face and rubbing her tits all over her and then she said at the end of the first song Angel dropped down between my wife's legs and spread them apart and pulled up her skirt. Angel started the third song by rubbing her tits up the inside of my wife's legs and thighs spreading her legs farther and farther as she did. Eventually, she had my wife spread wide apart and then started rubbing her nipples across my wife's shaved wet pussy. She'd cover both of her nipples with my wife's juices and then move up and let her lick the juice from the nipples. Then, Angel started kissing the insides of her thighs just above her stockings and she moved in closer and closer.

All the while my wife is telling me this, my cock is hard as a rock and she's gently running her hand over it through my pants. It's driving me nuts.....

Then she said that Angel kissed her clit and very slowly slid her tongue down and dipped into her pussy. Obviously liking what she tasted, Angel then began to devour my wife sending her to what she called a "mind blowing orgasm." She said that she'd never cum that hard in her life.

By now she had unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and was stroking it while she described in detail what happened. And as she described how Angel then moved up and kissed her deeply, my wife climbed on my lap and pulled up her skirt and slid down onto my cock. She didn't even let me get my pants off, she just climbed on and started fucking me.

Her pussy was soft like velvet and absolutely dripping wet and she rode me for as long as I could last before I blew a huge load in her. And for me I now understood what she was describing as the "mind blowing orgasm." I came harder and more intense than I could remember.

The next morning we went out for breakfast and my wife surprised me by going out with just a short red dress and nothing else under but the stockings she wore the night before! This was getting us horny all over again! She spent the day like that as we went to eat, shop and take walks, all the while she flashed me and invited me to see how wet she was as she continued to think of the night before. I have attatched a picture of her from that day for your site. Too bad I couldn't get a picture from inside the club. Now THAT would have been a souvenir!

I'm looking forward to seeing if we can get back to that club and find Angel again. I'd like to invite her to join us for an evening of fun and see if it can happen.




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