Hot Story in Tandem Dare

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Hot Story in Tandem Dare



To continue on the end of the previous post, T and I decided to type up a story in tandem. I will jump straight into that then!

J - the fantasy
After talking and trading pics with someone from the site via email, I was inspired by a picture. A public flash dare where the woman was wearing a body stocking and jacket so that she could freely flash by opening her jacket but even then appeared clothed if someone was too far away. I thought this would be great for T! She hasn't been 100% behind any kind of public action and I figured this would be a hot stepping stone that would work for both of us. I brought it up along with a sexy halloween costume dare since we had received that from the site. She agreed to look through some sites with me to find one we both liked. After a decent amount of browsing, she surprised me.

T - the idea
J and I always pass by these giant tacky "adult superstore" billboards on the way back home from where our family lives. We would always say "we should go there", but whenever we're traveling with a dog and a cat, we can't exactly stop and check it out, nor do we want to after hours of driving. The mentality is normally just "lets get home as soon as possible so we can get off the road". Whenever J was showing me some ideas from an online store, it dawned on me that there was probably a store nearby, and that this was a good opportunity to check it out. I have to say, it was pretty amazing to just see pretty much anything that someone could fantasize about on display. There were tons of body stockings, tights, costumes, wigs, heels, masks... but that was just the stuff downstairs. Upstairs was almost entirely dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, and every other toy that I could imagine. One thing that caught my eye that I hadn't really thought about before were ben wa balls. I was relatively nervous and shy about being there (especially when we got upstairs), but the employees there were pretty cool about it. It was a very unique experience to us that I imagine we will repeat sometime in the not too distant future.

J - the plan
When we got home, T asked what the plan was. By this point, I had been thinking about it quite a bit and had a schedule all laid out. I didn't want to seem like I had spent the last couple of hours hard thinking about exactly what I wanted - so I meekly suggested a few ideas. Luckily, T agreed to what I had been wanting to do. My plan was to start with a warm up session for me - I had been eager for the past few hours and wanted at least some contact to hold me over for the long night ahead. Then we would shower and I would bathe her - this would be sensual to keep T interested and make sure all of her was cleaned up for my mouth later (she didn't know about that part of the plan). Finally, she would put on the body stocking and I would come in to see how it looked and play the rest by ear.

T - the surprise
I don't tend to like *just* putting on lingerie. I like to put on a long jacket over a lacy bra/panty set to let there be a little bit more of a reveal, and a little bit more anticipation. (It actually matches my picture preferences as well. I like the more modest pictures of myself like being covered with a towel where J likes the ones where everything is in plain sight). Anyway, whenever J was wanting me to come out in a body stocking, I wanted to wear more than just that. I put the stocking on, and then a black thong to cover the crotch-less area. I also put on a black party dress and some really tall black high heels, and to top it all off I wore the black masquerade mask that we had gotten at the store.

J - the finish
After T walked out in the dress, heels, and mask, I about fell over. This dress has a history as well - it is the stereotypical hot "little black dress" so it fit so well and kept everything teasingly close but covered. After showing her how much I appreciated it by rubbing my hands everywhere I could, I grabbed the phone for pictures (I'll include as many as yahoo will let fit on the email, but there will probably be more). I got under her to see the crotchless perk to this body stocking, only to find a tiny black thong blocking my way. Needless to say, more pictures. I took her to the bed and made sure to get every angle I could think of. when I was finally ready to begin the fun, I took off her thong and dress (I left her in the heels for a while...). I started by kissing, licking, and biting all around her pussy. Then I worked my way down, and for the first time started licking her ass. She absolutely loved it and I kept it up for quite some time before she couldn't handle it anymore. She grabbed my phone and started taking pictures before asking to be able to participate. She sucked on me for a little bit before we decided on 69 - which was really great this time around. The night progressed when she finally couldn't take not having me inside. So we switched again and she got her toy. Sliding in was amazing and I was finally in the perfect spot to fondle her breasts (she likes me on top). The fabric from the body stocking totally changed the texture and temperature of her body and it drove me crazy. We kept gping at until I couldn't take anymore and wrapped up the night by trying to avoid getting the stocking dirty ;)

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