Falling Out of Her Bikini

Jen - 13

Falling Out of Her Bikini



We're back with another installment from our mountain getaway. But before we get into that, we need to say hello to a fellow daring poster. After our last post about the fake individuals we had encountered online, we opened our inbox to find an interesting email from one of our friends here in the Truth or Dare Pics community.

Nova and her man had sent us a very kind email with a small batch of pictures that she had taken just for us. She had written our names on one of her breasts, and on the other was a little playful instruction for what Jen should do with them!!! After gaining her consent, we are including some of them for you all to see. We have been chatting a bit with Nova and she is a very respectful, friendly, sexy woman. Her posts are amazing and we will be sending her a special set of pics in return. Thanks again Nova. You guys are great!

One of the main things that Jen and I had been so excited about at this cabin was the hot tub. We spent a great deal of time soaking in it, carressing in it, and fucking in it. As I had previously mentioned, Jen was sending me stimulating pics from the mountains because she arrived before me. She just had to rub it in that she was already in the hot tub while I was still at work so she kept sending me pictures of her "falling out" of her bikini until the damn thing just completely fell off. I absolutely love her playful side. I am definitely glad she took those beforehand, because once I arrived, there just wasn't time for pictures!

So on the last night of the trip, we had been drinking a lot. We were soaking in the tub and we began to kiss. The hot tub is completely visible on the deck to the angled road by the cabin, it is also partially visible to the neighboring cabin. She made it very clear that she was ready for me to eat her out as she lifted her body up out of the water and sat on the edge. The outdoor light was on and made every drop of water glisten as they trickled down her beautiful bare body. There she sat, legs spread, with her skin shining in the light and a car drove by on que. She never even flinched! I buried my mouth into her and she forcefully grabbed the back of my head. (She tends to get a little rough with alcohol and it's extremely hot. Like she can't control herself.) Even though I was very focused on what i was doing, I know that at least two other cars passed by with her exposed on the side of the tub. I countinued to work her clit with my tongue for a long time as she squirmed and arched her back. The soft moans and heavy breath always let me know how much she is enjoying it. As she approached climax, her volume increased. Louder and louder and lounder until she basically screamed "Oh God" into the night air.

Jen immediately slid down into the water and pushed me back into one of the "seats" of the tub. She climbed on top of me and put me inside her. Slowly she began to rise and fall on top of me. The warm water lapped over my shoulders and her gleaming body repeatedly tightened and relaxed above me as another car passed. She even made it a point to raise up out of the water as it did. This was one of the most pleasurable moments i have ever experienced. It was erotic, daring, sweet, drunkenly euphoric, and the definition of perfect. Her rhythm began to quicken, and I could tell she was feeling another orgasm approaching. I pushed deeper with every time she lowered her body onto me. I slipped my hand beneath the water and found her clit with my thumb. As she rode harder and with the water sloshing out of the tub at times, i firmly stroked faster and faster until she let out another loud exclamation.

I was ready to lose contol and start pounding her at this point so I told her to get out of the tub. She stood up and exited with her long wet hair draping down her back. I followed right behind her. (I know it looked graceful to me, but we probably looked like two shit-faced drunks stumbling out of a kiddie pool after a jell-o wrestling match.) I turned her back to me and she gripped the deck railing as i bent her over it. I began thrusting into her as i looked out into the darkness of the woods. I gripped her hair and pulled it back towards me tightly. I pushed down on the small of her back with my other hand. We stayed in that position going at it full throttle until eventually i was ready to explode. I tapped her back and asked her to drop to her knees. She threw a cushion from the patio furniture on the deck for her to kneel on. I shot cum all over her chest and watched as it made multiple white lines accross each breast. BTW, she loves cum... it is the visible result of how much she turns a man on.

So this is where the story pauses. Jen naked on her knees, exposed on an outdoor deck, cum beginning to slide down her her amazing tits. She looks up with a coy look in her eyes and I knew what was about to happen. This is the FREAKY THING we had never done and really enjoyed it but are a bit embarrassed to make known to the TorDP community.

We don't want you to think of us as weirdos! Lol. You might see the rest posted in the next week or so if we decide we want to let our freak flag fly. Still looking for a woman for Jen to experience here in the southeast, give us a shout.

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