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MFM Threesome Report



Dear TorDP fans,

Allow me (Roy) to pick up where I left off in last Tuesday's post...

As soon as the post went up last Tuesday, I notified both Jen and Kal. I poked at Jen every few hours by reminding her of the current "countdown clock". Jen and I snapped each other continuously throughout the day. In the afternoon, I went to get us a motel room. The first place I visited did not have a vacancy and I became a bit anxious. As I stood in the lobby of the second motel, I was forced to wait behind an elderly couple (which took forever) and the clerk had to take a lengthy complaint call from someone about not getting a discount (another forever). Then I had people that came in and were waiting behind me. The whole time I was waiting, Jen is sending me pictures of her various amazing body parts. That made it rather difficult to hide my phone screen and keep from getting a raging erection while standing in line!

There was a vacancy and I got us a room with a king bed. When I walked in the room I started realizing how real and close this was to happening. Not long after I had stocked the fridge with alcohol, Jen messaged me telling me she was on her way. I knew I wouldn't be able to focus on snapping pictures as the evening played out, so I planned ahead by placing a camera on the counter that would continuously take pictures. They aren't the best quality photos, but they'll do. Within 20 minutes Jen was there and we couldn't stop smiling. We had already planned to "pre-game" by having a quickie when she got there. We were both so tightly wound that it only took a few minutes to get that first fuck out of the way. We began drinking and slowly I began to see something I have rarely seen in Jen. She was nervous... excited nerves, but nervous nonetheless. After an hour of attempting to calm herself with alcohol, she ended up pretty drunk, begging for me to fuck her again, and writhing naked on the bed. I resisted because I had already received a message from Kal that he was on his way. I described the situation to him and he asked to see what she was doing. I took a picture of Jen completely bare and squirming on top of the covers. It was so difficult not to give in to her. The "countdown" was nearing zero and a seriousness fell on both of us. We sat on the bed facing each other and had the most intimate, meaningful conversations we have ever had. As our conversation concluded... there was a knock at the door.

I opened the door and invited Kal in. He made his way to his "reserved seat" and we offered him a drink. All three of us sat and made awkward small talk as if we didn't know what we were there to do. Prior to his arrval, Jen had expressed numerous times how insecure she is about her body and she was afraid he wouldn't find her attractive. So Jen hopped up and went to the bathroom. When she returned, I stood up infront of her as she approached the side of the bed. I placed my hands on her hips and curled my fingers under the bottom of her shirt. I said, "Let's just go ahead and get this part out of the way." As I slid her shirt over her head I could see a nervous giddy smile emerge. I proceeded to unfasten her bra and slipped it off her shoulders, removed her shorts, then her panties. I stood back from her and noticed the look on Kal's face that did not reflect any disappointment whatsoever. After carressing and kissing for a moment, Jen sat down and laid back into the bed, growing an acceptance of her new found state of undress infront of a stranger. We all continued to talk as if we were just sitting around a table at a restaraunt. Like there wasn't a beautiful nude woman just laying there.

I decided that it was time to take action. I removed my shirt, crawled onto the bed, and positioned my head between Jen's legs. I took one long slow lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Instantly, I felt her body fall limp. With a flat, broad tongue I began slowly circling her clit. I could feel her heat on my face and her juice collecting on my chin. Her breathing became heavy with intermittent soft moans. Kal sat in the chair inches from us with his eyes fixated on Jen's body. He began "working on himself" as I continued to eat her out. I could see that her head was turned to watch him watching her. I lifted my head and instructed Jen to tell him what she wanted. As I continued providing her with oral, I looked up to see that Kal had moved into a standing position by the bed. He was bending over her, kissing her, taking her breast into his hand. Jen had his dick in her hand. Now let me pause and say that this would be considered as a "bad threesome" situation to any guy since it was MFM. This experience was entirely for Jen and I was willing to do all of this just to see her receive pleasure like she never had before. So she stroked his cock and then soon after put him deep inside her mouth, it was a turn on to see her shaking and baffled by what to do with all the physical attention. She had four hands and two mouths worshiping every inch of her. To push her farther over the edge, Kal began licking her tits. She continued to feverishly suck him off as I licked her.

After maintaining this position for a while, I had Jen stand up and face Kal. I entered her from behind while he kissed and played with her breasts... those incredible breasts. (There will be a pic of that position and many others in the next 2 posts.) I pushed into her as slowly and deeply as I could. She wrapped her arms around Kal's neck as she kissed him. I could tell that she was completely relaxed now and was going to do whatever she wanted! I stood there pounding her from behind for several minutes, then we returned to the bed. Kal sat back down and began stroking himself as I lay Jen on her stomach and mounted myself on top of her. This way they could watch each other. Jen asked, "what do you want to see?". He politely replied, "more of that." I was forcefully pushing into her. I know her tits were shaking as she absorbed all of my force again and again. Who wouldn't want to see that?! For the next several minutes, I fucked her like that and watched her grip the sheets so tightly. She then went to change position and get on top of me. Kal was so polite and did not push himself onto her at all. I knew Jen wanted more participation from him, so as she turned on me to take the "reverse cowgirl" position, I invited Kal to get on the bed infront of her. She threw her arms around him and pulled him to her tightly so she could kiss him. She began riding me with such passion. I knew he was touching her, feeling her, fingering her. (Also a pic of that in the next post.) Just from her body language I knew that she was being satisfied beyond belief. Her juices were flowing out around my cock, and even down the inside of my legs. She was shockingly wet. She fucked me harder and harder, shifting every little bit to get the most out of each time she came down on me. Eventually, we left that position and I assumed the missionary position as Jen asked Kal to jerk off on her tits. Being the perfect gentlemen, he would never leave her with that request unfulfilled! Kal began masturbation faster and faster as he stood over her. I repeatedly slid in and out of her, and began dripping sweat on her face and chest. Kal leaned into her and came all over her breasts. She was so pleased by that. She loves watching a guy jerk off. As I continued to plow her, she rubbed it all over her chest and slowly licked each one of her fingers while staring me in the eye. That image was one I will never forget. The look of satisfaction on her face was unmistakable. As I neared climax, I pulled out and came all over her as well. She was drenched in cum and laying there panting in complete ecstacy. Kal returned to his seat and Jen and I just laid in the bed catching our breath.

The three of us sat and talked for about a half hour after it was all over. Kal is a very nice respectful guy with "like minded" views. I think we were very fortunate to have chosen him and that he was open to this. We can't thank him enough for being a stellar "watcher".

After he left, we relived it immediately. We talked through the high points and anything we would have done differently. Then, the conversation turned us both on and we ended up having soft sensual sex... again. It will take a little time to process it all, but it was literally a fantasy come true.

Now on to our next fantasy... a WOMAN to play with us. If there are any ladies that post or read here that would like to be our female version of Kal, feel free to email us. This post has been my account of what happened. The rest of the pictures will be in 2 remaining posts from Kal and Jen's point of view.


Jen and Roy - EMAIL ME!!





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