Astrid's Nude Dare - 3

Astrid's Nude Dare

HDear Truthordarepics/Webmaster,

Firstly I'll start by saying sorry long time, no post. Been extra busy, went on a holiday and had some time off. I must say that since my first dare I have become quite the exhibitionist. I love going nude now and the thrill that other people might catch me really makes me wet. I love the fact that people out there have seen my pussy and titties.

This time on our dares we decided to do ones naked in public without people around. Please remember that I am still easing into the whole naked lifestyle. The first two pics were taken over a very busy highway. I was extremley nervous cause I couldn't see who was coming up onto the bridge. There were alot of people around because it was dusk and everyone was out taking their evening walk. We snapped away to get these two shots but were scared off when a cop car went under the bridge.

Once down from the bridge it was time to get one of me in the street. I went to the middle of the street and opened my coat. The wind was cold but I felt so refreshed. It felt like ages having my bits on display like that in public.

Now we were off to our local shopping centre car park to get some pics there. When we arrived there was a coke machine that I got some pics with. This was outside the main entrance and people were constantly coming out of the door. We eventually got the shot though. Next shot was in the car park. This was very scary as the car park was very open and anyone could have been sitting in their cars. My boyfriend got the camera ready and then it was time. I quickly opened up my coat revealing my naked body to who ever wanted to view it.

By this time we were very excited. My boyfriend and I wanted more so we headed to our local mercedes dealership. When we arrived there we found the most expensive car in the lot and took naked photos with it. I was so wet by now. After this we went round to our friend's apartment again and when we left we took some naked photos in their basement carpark with some random cars that were down there.

If anyone has any more dare ideas write to us at :

Astrid - dare_astrid @

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare

Astrid's Nude Dare


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