Hot Chat

Hot Chat

Hi Webmaster,

It's Friday night and the work week is over which means it's my time to relax with my man and have some fun. I am so horny as usual this time of week and to top it off we didn't have time to be with each other as our shifts were overlapping. I got out our small vibrator and our baby oil, a glass of wine and sat down at the computer to chat and see who's out there. I lubed up my belly (sensitive area), lips and butt. I inserted the small vibrator into my behind and sat down at the computer. The vibrator is on right now actually as I'm typng this and it feels so good. I'm writing with one hand as keep the other one on the vibe and watch the screen to see who's going to be on next. I just finished chatting with a guy from Maine and he got me warmed up pretty good. As I wait I thought I'd start writing you and telling you what's going on. I love how my butt clenches on the vibe as I squeeze faster, slower, smoother, harder. This feels so good as I watch the screen, then check out my favorite users, listen to people have sex. OOh, this feels good. And I open and close my legs to vary the feeling as well. I even got up and walked across the room to do something with the vibe in my butt. A new user just messaged me and requested that I masterbate with it. My boyfriend brings me a new vibe and ....

... I just finished masterbating for him and his wife and got off to a big 'O'. Wow. I am drained. BF took a few pictures as he usually does and we are now going into the bedroom to finish off our night. I hope everyone has as good a night and we'll send the pictures tomorrow after downloading them.

Night night. - Dina

Hmm, I love being able to have a peaceful, pleasurable evening.

Hot Chat

Hot Chat


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Everyone's welcome to watch or text chat ... couples games going on looking to perform for tokens.


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