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Dare For Men

This is a dare for all you men out there to attempt. First, you are going to print out this page.

Second - With this printed page and a camera you are going to go out to a bar, club, shopping mall or anywhere else that is public and has lots of people.

Your dare is to approach a group of women and let them read this printed paper.

Women: This guy has taken on a dare from the website and needs your help to complete it. He is to be your adult slave for 90 minutes. Yes, you read correctly. He will do anything you wish for 90 minutes and you are totally in control of the situation. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE INVOLVED IF YOU DON'T WISH TO BE BUT CAN MAKE HIM DO EVERYTHING. YOU DON'T HAVE TO UNDRESS, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE TOUCHED, YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL .You can bring him back to one of your houses, to his place or to a neutral location or even somewhere semi-public, but he can't do anything that will get him arrested. Interested?

Men: You will need to have some pictures taken of you doing the tasks with the women in it.

Many women will say no but just keep asking t'ill someone says yes. This dare has worked for a number of men already in my past yahoo dare groups and eventually you WILL find some adventurous fun women who say yes.

Write up the details and send over the pictures when you're done and all results will be posted on this page or the CFNM page.

Good Luck



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