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Hi, My name is Terry, I am 19 years old and I accept your challenge!

My boyfriend and I have been reading your site for about 6 months now and really get off on the stories and pictures sent in by all the sexy people. It really gets us excited and we usually end up having great sex afterwards. We usually talk in bed about the dares we have just seen and read and then end up screwing like rabbits!

The more we read, the more excited I got and that lead me to thinking about being a part of your site. When I approached my boyfriend about this, he hesitated, then became excited and we screwed again. Just thinking about doing a dare made me wet and nervous at the same time. It took awhile to get the courage to do it but I finally decided one day that "today would be the day" (I'm hoping to model soon and so I should at least be able to do this) ... but what dare?

We started looking through the site for ideas and found the dare challenge page and I thought that it was perfect for a first time dare! I also wanted to stand out a bit from the others (the page does say to be creative) so I thought about writing the dare on a shirt instead of on a paper or on my body. Then I thought that it would be better and more creative to have letters on the shirt so I asked my boyfriend to go to the mall and find one of those places that sell custom made t-shirts and write down "I get naked for truthordarepics.com" instead of the regular sentence. I hope you don't mind.

He came back and took it out of the bag. I saw it and thought "great!" . I tried it on. It fit well and so we went into the living room and started thinking about poses. I decided to take off everything and go from there. Some of the pics are better quality than others so I hope you can see them well enough.

We are both so excited writing this and sending you these pictures that we can't eat! Please reply when they are on the site.

I also wanted to mention that I am looking to do some adult modelling so hope that this will get some attention for that too from the right people.


*** Update: October 1st 2021 - "Hi everyone at TODP! It has been a long, long time. Since maybe 15 years ago now and I still remember this dare as one of my first times doing adult pictures. I did go on to model a little here and there but that was only for a brief time. This brings back so much nostalgia. I was going over some of my past pictures and found these and went to look them up on TODP. They are still there but I sent some lesser quality ones at the time so I want to send the originals to the webmaster to replace these and he was kind enough to do that for me. I am now married (to someone else) and a mom and have a different life but will always look back on this time and the people here with love as everybody was so nice. I have a few more pictures from that shoot that I will send over too and maybe the webmaster can add them. I have an email but am short on time so it will take awhile to get back to you if you write me. Much Love and kisses, Terry."

Webmaster: "Once new pictures are received they will be posted on Terry's dare page and updated on the blog."

Terry - EMAIL ME!!

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