My Daring Wife

My Daring Wife

Hi truthordarepics,

Firstly, we are big fans of this site. We love the fun aspect. The reason for our email is that we have a recent experience to share (or rather I have convinced my wife to share this great one!!).

To put this in context, I always dare my wife (call her K) to do something risky and fun like we read on truthordarepics, she has been reluctant to do so however. How funny things work out though, she ended up partcipating accidently and loved it.

This is the story... I asked her to pretend she was a porn star and be totally confident in her body (she is normally a bit self-conscious). She agreed and we took about 50 photos (I think she looks great). These photos were all on our memory card and we forgot about them for a few months. We needed some other photos for our work that we had just taken. K took the memory card down to the local office department store where they have a photo kiosk. She put in the card, and to her shock, the "porn star" pics were the oldest so they came up first in the large size on the screen. In her panic, she tried to scroll through the photos to get to the ones she needed but as there were so may it took some time. Some staff and other customers were behind her so no doubt they got to check out our many pics.

K immediately called me after this happened and told me how red she got when it happened, but then admited that it had a definite effect on her moisture level (haha). I had the hardest dick I had ever had when she told me and couldn't wait to get home.

I have attached one of the photos so your viewers can see what the people in the store could see.

Cheers G.

(You can leave our email, we are interested to hear others thoughts or similar experiences) - todnewby @

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