"My Story with Johnny!"Mature Model - 2

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June 19 2024


This is me, the mature model again.

Johnnie was a member of a band supporting an Irish international singer which had a large following. I had met up with him after exchanging phone numbers at a concert and this led to me having a number of encounters with him which were always in hotel rooms and always sexual. ( late starter groupie Feb 24 ).

On this particular occasion we met up in Bournemouth. Johnnie had booked an extra room at a small hotel for an afternoon and evening which was near to where we were both staying . On my arrival Johnnie opened the door and as soon as I entered he started kissing me and relieving me of my clothing so that within seconds I was naked on the bed and stripping Johnnie off.

We went at it for a while with me sucking his cock and wanking him and sitting on his face while he licked me and messing and larking around on the bed and having a chat and laugh. After a couple of hours Johnnie said he needed to pop out and get some food. This was not unusual as he had done it before as we would generally be at it right up until he needed to go to rehearsal so he would break off our sessions to get some food in him.

He wasn't long gone but by which time I had showered and had not bothered to dress so I was naked when I let him back in the room.

Johnnie was not a particularly fit man and I was surprised when he returned back with some Sushi which was not what he usually got and which I thought was quite healthy. I was led on my front across the bed talking to him while he was tucking into his meal and I asked him if he was going to let me have any. At this Johnnie led over me and put some on my bottom which he stared to eat and which made me giggle. When he finished that he rolled me over and placed food on my nipples, belly and around my fanny. He started on my boobs which was quite nice as he sucked and bit the food off.

I opened up my legs and he got down between them and was licking my fanny and eating the food which was making me hot. He had a snickers bar for his dessert which he wanted to eat by putting it inside me but as the bar was melting I persuaded him it would be too messy. We had brought a bottle of wine which we had been drinking and I let Johnnie take some photos of me (which I was wary of as I suspect he was shown them to other members of his band ) but then in truth I didn't really care and he would forward some he took to me when I asked him.

I had not finished my drink and Johnnie dipped his fingers into it and then fingered me he did this several times before getting down on me and sucking out what wine was there which must have been a bit because my glass was almost empty.

This was one of the few times he made me cum and to be honest so long as he was satisfied he didn’t give much care to my needs but because I knew he had plenty of other women I always ensured he had a good time with me. We had more sex and after giving him another wank he said it was time to get moving.

When I stood up to collect my clothes I noticed the bed sheet was badly stained with the wine. I asked Johnnie what should we do but he just came across to me and played with my tits and said it was the hotel's problem. We had another snog and I got down and sucked his cock again to give him something to remember me by during his performance.

Johnnie was always good fun.

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