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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why did you create this site? And how does it work?

Simple. I love truth or dare. I find it to be a very exciting and creative spin on regular adult sex.

Women and couples submit dares by going to that submit page and emailing in 3 or more pictures and some story (+ an email) to go along with the images. Within a few days a page is created to display the dare in it's entirety to be enjoyed by all the visitors of this website. A sample page can be seen here.

Six dares and their respective six pages are created each day. These newest dares are posted as updates - posted daily Mon-Fri - on the blog. Regular and new visitors check the blog daily to see these newest dares and then send positive and sexy feedback to the brave women via their home email addresses.

Both parties experience a 'rush' from this interaction and post/visit again and again.

2 A- I emailed you pics and I haven't seen them posted yet?

If there are many submissions then it may take a few days to get a dare posted. Dare submissions go up monday to Friday. If you don't see yours up after a week send me another email to confirm. Also, make sure to include the word 'dare' in the subject line of the email in order to bypass spam filters.

2 B - I send the women and couples feedback and often don't get a reply?

I can understand both sides of the issue here. Readers take the time to send positive feedback and are left hanging, while posters get flooded with so many emails they can't possibly reply to all of them.

My suggestion is to adopt the following frame of mind:

Readers - If you don't get a reply, know that your comments have likely been read and have had a positively lustful effect on the woman/wife/girlfriend you sent them to. Your email will contribute to their desire to show you ( you as the individual and you as the group on todp) more by submitting again. There is a connection and causal relationship between you and them, that is certain, and that's part of the 'rush' I spoke of above.

Posters/Submitters - You already spend much time and much effort getting a dare ready (taking pics, getting special outfits ready, going to the dare location etc.) so don't feel you have to reply to everyone. You're doing more than your part.

BUT ...

... if you can't reply to all, try to acknowledge everyone's thoughtful and positive emails to you in your next dare. This shows your appreciation for the efforts they have undertaken to formulate an individualy crafted email specifically to you.

*** Most couples/women/ do this and most readers have the frame of mind mentioned above. This is just for those who are new to the whole process.

3- Do you have to be 18 to play and submit pics?

Absolutely!! You must be at least 18 years old to browse this site and submit pics and stories. All persons in all media must be 18 years of age or older.

4- Why are some email addresses invalid?

Most people who post dares wish to remain anonymous (understandibly), and so many of them open up email addresses with gmail, yahoo, hotmail and specifically and solely to use for their dares. After a certain amount of time has gone by (generally a few months to a year), these email providers delete accounts that have not been logged into and so if the person you are emailing submitted their dare many months back - and the site is over 12 years old - they may have just not logged in for awhile. This is a fairly regular occurrence.

5- How many people see this site?

As of October 2016 the site gets about 51,000 unique visitors/day (conservatively) and that number increases all the time. The visitors are from guys, girls and couples who love truth or dare. Some submit dares and some just enjoy them.

6- Where can I see more of a certain woman/couple?

The best way to see more of a certain poster is by emailing them directly from their dare page. If they don't respond or the email is invalid then we're all out of luck (webmaster too) and just have to hope they come back to todp soon.

If the person you wish to see more of is from the archives there is no way for me to know. Many of those pics have been submitted to me over long periods of time as incomplete dares and because I get so many i don't keep track of their emails.

7- How do you play/participate?

Easy. Pick a dare that you would like to do from this site that others have done (or make up your own or get an idea HERE) and then submit the pictures and some story to go with them. If you need ideas just look around the site and you'll find tons.

8- Why don't you allow men to submit dares alone?

The reason I do not accept pics of men alone is because if I did then I'd have a disproportionate number of men's submissions and people would steadily lose interest in the site. I know this as it has happened before with other sites/groups I used to run.

9- Why don't you make the site interactive, like a forum?

I've mentioned that I have had truth or dare sites/groups before. Most were interactive. The problem I've encountered with that type of set-up is that sites tend to either die out or get shut down if people start with defammatory remarks etc... They need LOTS of moderation.



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