Bus Driver Watched

Bus Driver Watched

Hi Webmaster,

One night on the way home from work (before I met my current boyfriend), I was the last person on the bus. The driver asked me if I was in a hurry and I said no. So he stopped and got out to get himself a coffee while I waited on the bus in the backseat. At that moment I felt a bit wicked and horny so I started to rub myself through my pants a little. He seemed to take a long time time so I got more daring and went into my pants and under my panties. It felt wonderful being out in public doing this to myself and I found myself on the brink of an orgasm. Just then he came back in but didn't notice me. I sat up surprised but he didn't see what I was doing.

When the bus got going again I resumed my 'activity' and was determined to get that orgasm as I was so close. Within minutes I started cumming with my mouth wide open but not making a sound. It was intense! I got off the bus a few minutes later and that was the end of it.

When I told my current bf about that time he freaked! He didn't think I was into that kind of stuff and I was too afraid to tell him I like those things. After some crazy sex talking about it he wants me to masterbate for him! He likes to try to re-create it in our car while he's driving pretending to be the bus driver and me sitting in the backseat. We do this every so often and I have a blast with it. Nobody really sees me because my top is always on but not my bottoms. This picture of me is from one of those times when we parked in the rain and he wanted to see me close up. I was looking behind me to make sure nobody walked past our parked car! - Roxy



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