"The First Time my Husband Shared Me"

Wife C - 5

The First Time my Husband Shared Me



It took him a year or so trying to convince me in to trying new exciting things. First it started off as joining the truth or Dare pics ranks. We received good fun emails sent back to us from a bunch of hot horny men that would love to do me and a lot of couples as well. That really helped my self-esteem and got me horny when my husband would read the emails.

We started exchanging photos with a mystery person named (Mark). And it made him get turned on. Pictures soon became dares and then fantasies. We decided to go over to Mark's house one day and make some food but we had a little idea something could possibly happen which I wasnít 100% ready for. But thanks to a few beers and after dinner my husband offered some dessert and offered my tits. I was so nervous but I wanted it ( my tits to get sucked on ) so I flashed them nervously and of course it wasnít enough so my husband lowered my shirt and Mark came in and played with my nipples with his tongue.

It felt soo good, but I was still a little nervous my husband grabbed my hands and placed them on Mark. Next thing I knew we left the table and ended up on the sofa were Mark and my husband pulled out there dicks. I never thought I would enjoy that but I did and to see my husband horny making his sexy faces at me I knew I was doing something right .

So I was sucking Markís hard cock while my husband banged me a bit and then I sat down on my husband's dick moving my hips back and forward while Mark put his dick in my mouth..I was so much in the heat of the moment, my husband tells me to turn around and stick my ass up then he tells Mark to put his hard dick in me I couldnít believe I was getting fucked by another man's hard dick specially in front of my husband but it felt so good I didnít want him to stop.

He fucked me doggy in front of my husband and he got so horny he realized it wasnít just a fantasy and he told Mark to fuck me hard to see my titties bounce. After getting fucked for a while in the living room we went to the room. They laid me in the bed and Mark started to eat me out. We all got so horny that he got up and put his dick in me with no protection. Hubby didn't like it but turned him on for that extra risk involved he fucked me hard when he was about to cum his dick got stuck in my pussy and almost came inside me...attached are a few pics and since its my birthday weekend I will include a video of the 3sum we had, there you guys can see hubby fucking me as I suck Markís cock and the pics of him doing me, the one with no condom and on hubbys lap.

It was fun and I can't and wait to do it again...we are going to Vegas for my birthday this weekend what do you guys recommend taht we do?

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