"Getting Ready for Vacation"


Wife getting Ready for Vacation

August 10 2021


My husband and I have enjoyed this site for a while now. Didn't ever really figure on seeing myself on it. He wore me down with his continued asking so we struck a deal.

I told him a few days ago that if he could get any brand new pics of me naked before we went on vacation he could send them in as long as I got to write the explanation to go with them. Figured I could dodge him that long. Figured wrong. I stepped out of the shower a day later only to find the door open and him with his Go-Pro. I shut the door quickly but not, as I feared, quickly enough. So along with a tiny camera he had stashed somewhere he caught me fair and square if not too clearly.

I let him know they didn't look that good to me but he claims they are good enough for the conditions under which he had to take them. True perhaps but I still think, why make it easy on him? I really don't think anyone is going to see a 60+, dumpy, naked grandma as all that exciting, even with clearer pictures. He says I'm wrong , people will definitely want better pics. Says they excite him because those boobs and curves feel fine and soft and he knows how really good what he sees is in the sack or bent over in front of him.

Slick talking silver tongued devil he may be but I still think he's a little deluded so after he whined a little and said he could get better pics with better opportunities I was willing to take a further chance...

We have a bet. We'll make it a sporting proposition kind of like bird watching. If TODP actually posts these pics and I get at least ten emails by the time we get to the mountains for our vacation in two weeks I'll give him some unplanned flashing opportunities while we're there. If that many people tell me they want to see more then I guess if he and his little cameras and go-pro can catch me naked anywhere or flashing in public they're welcome to it. If nothing comes of this he has to ease off asking me about it for a while.

I am adding this last bit all on my own just to make it more personally interesting to me. I had him include the picture of my butt to say “this space available” to our very favorite poster on TODP, Stag Spice and his Hinds. If they all email then not only will only five others be needed to give my hubby the opportunities he is lusting after but I will add a tattoo there similar to his Hinds' to keep my little butterfly company and show all of you.

My husband the optimist says to remind all who do respond to be as specific as they want as to what they might want to see of me or of him doing with or to me. Sheesh.

I'm about to hit “send” now and though I'm pretty sure I'll never see any of this on the web I must admit I'm getting more than a bit wet thinking I might so... There! What a rush, I just pressed the key!!

Deaux - EMAIL ME!!

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