"Our Sexual, Exhibitionist Buck-List Idea"

Eve Reborn

Our Sexual, Exhibitionist Buck-List Idea



Hi guys, This is my official first dare for Truth or dare pics. Me and my husband love going through all the dares on a weekly basis but I have never had the guts to submit any of my own naked dares yet.

I am a full blown exhibitionist and luckily my husband understands and supports my uninhibited and unconventional tendencies.

We came up with a sexual exhibitionist bucket-list idea for us as a couple but mainly for me to turn some of my fantasies into realities and memories. The catch is I want to be filmed and photographed as I complete the items on our list. At this point I haven't decided yet if I am going to make the videos and pictures publicly available but selected people will definitely get to see it...blush blush.

Two days ago my hubby came up with a dare for me from reading other couples dares that will fit in with my whole bucket list project and actually tick off one of the items on the list by posting nude pictures of myself online on a public site.

His sole purpose for coming up with this dare for our bucket-list, which I only realized was his plan all along once he gave me the note to hold up in the pictures, was to get me to submit the story and the picture evidence to truthordarepics.com.

Although I randomly flash and go naked in front of strangers very few of our close personal friends, especially most of his male friends, does not have a clue about my/our naughty side and I have never really had the guts to do anything in front of any of them or tell them what we secretly get up to and how much I love showing off my body.

My hubby admits that it is a turn-on for him when other people see me naked but that I go home with him at the end of the day leaving the strangers who see me behind usually just a little shocked and pretty turned on and with hopefully nothing but good memories. In a way only exposing myself to and teasing total strangers satisfies just part of my fantasies. The idea of letting people who knows me/us unexpectedly see me completely naked and acting as if nothing is out of the ordinary, and then having to see and speak to them again after that on a daily basis knowing full well, that mostly the guys but some of the girls too probably, have had sexual fantasies about me after seeing all I have to offer underneath my clothes is my ultimate turn on.

So naturally it didn't take much to convince me when my hubby dared me to wear only a dress and no panties when we visited one of his friends yesterday evening. Little did I know that he printed some of my nude modelling photos and took them with. Halfway through the evening and a couple of glasses of wine later he handed me the pictures when our friend went into the house to pour some more drinks. At this stage I was pretty turned on already because I was not wearing any panties but doubted that our friend had noticed anything because I was still a bit concerned of how he would react if I gave him a 'accidental' full view up my skirt. He dared me to tell our friend that I model nude from time to time when he came back, as we already steered the conversation in a slightly sexual direction and then show him the pictures as proof if he doesn't believe us which he most probably would not because he thinks I am very prim and proper and that my moral standards are very high. I just laughed and asked him if he was serious, my main concern was how our friend would react when I tell him and he sees naked pictures of me, what if instead of shock he is disgusted and writes us off? Even worse, what if he told our other friends!

My hubby reassured me that he might be shocked but wouldn't be disgusted and write us off, he reckoned he would probably love it. The idea that I was going to willingly show myself off naked to somebody we have known for years who probably thought about what I looked like naked a few times before, being a single guy was frightening but at the same time extremely hot.

I did not have much time to make up my mind because he came back with our refilled drinks a few minutes later.

I can't remember exactly how we got on the nude model topic but Adam (my husband) brought it up somehow and that was my que. After testing the waters on the subject a bit he told him that I model nude all the time. He looked at me, laughed and said he could never believe that about me but that it is a good joke though and that Adam stated it so convincingly that if he didnt know me any better he might just have believed him.

At that point my heart was almost beating out of my chest and I knew there was no turning back. I laughed at him and asked why on Earth he would never think that I would pose nude or didn't he think I was pretty enough. At that stage he still did not believe us and thought we were joking. He replied that I was definitely pretty enough but that he knows my moral values are way too high for me to ever even consider taking my clothes off in front of strangers and that even if I somehow thought about doing it that Adam would never allow me to. I couldn't stop myself any longer. I burst out laughing and said I could show him the proof right then and there if Adam said it okay. Still thinking that we were only joking he told me to go ahead and prove it then if we were serious, saying under the same breath that he knows I am way too shy to ever let him see me naked. Adam, knowing what was coming next, was already recording our discussion when I took the photos out of my handbag and handed them over to our friend.

At first it was clear that he could not comprehend what his eyes was seeing as he looked at the top picture in his hand. A Full frontal colour photograph of me completely nude on the beach, my face clearly visible, I have attached copies of the four pictures I showed him for you guys to prove that nothing was left to his imagination (Minus my face though not there yet!).

I did not know how to react and was so turned on by the scenario knowing he was taking in every detail of my nipples, breasts and pussy and was processing the fact that it was really me, his friend's wife of many years naked in the picture in front of him.

Neither Adam nor I said a word as we watched him go to the second picture. Also a full frontal nude shot in Sepia of me posing in a doorway, I personally think this one shows the most of me. I was so absorbed looking at his reactions and the way he stared at the picture knowing that he will forever now know exactly what I look like naked and what Adam saw and get into bed with every day and night, that I completely forgot that I was wearing a dress and no panties.

Adam got me on video, sitting there studying our friend studying every bit of me naked on the picture in his hands, so caught up in the moment that I did not notice my legs were apart and my dress slightly hiked up exposing my vagina completely straight in the direction of Adam and our friend!

He was also so turned on by the situation that he did not even think of letting me know to cover up because the second our friend looked up there would be no chance of him not seeing all of me in real life.

He went through the remaining two photos, one of me bottomless and one wearing glasses and boots in a sexy nerd pose, with similar long stares of disbelief and no other emotion showing to indicate what was going through his mind.

When he finally looked up at me smiling and shaking his head in disbelief he was shocked for a second time with a clear view of my shameless naked vagina, that he just studied every detail of in the pictures on his lap, in real life right in front of him not more than 3 meters away.

His expression was priceless as was mine when I suddenly realised what he was seeing, and Adam has it all on video!

I automatically quickly covered up and tried to act as if nothing was wrong but the cat was out of the bag, I think all three of us were hoping one of the others would talk first but in the end I knew that I was the one that would have to say something. "So do you believe us now, I hope I did not shock you so much that you are never going to speak to us again?" was all I could think of saying my heart still pounding in my chest.

He just smiled and shook his head, obviously now trying to digest the fact that he just saw my naked pussy in real life, right in front of him before even getting time to think about how much he enjoyed looking at my nude pictures while I was sitting next to him.

Finally he came to his senses and just said wow! He would have never believed that he would see me naked even less that I had the guts to pose nude in front of photographers for pictures.

We all laughed and Adam told him he doesnt mind and that its okay if he talked about what he thought of my pictures, before to long the topic of me not wearing panties and him seeing everything in real life never expecting I would walk around, least of all in his house, like that and that he really did not for one second think I was completely naked under my dress the whole evening turned into the main topic.

Because he was so okay with the whole setup we told him about my naughty side and our bucket-list and much to his delight I asked if he would pose in a few pictures with me with my nude modelling pictures in front of me and him and me with my legs wide open for him and the camera to enjoy to add to our nawty private memory album.

It was after the first two pictures that Adam pulled his final prank on me and suggested that I hold up his piece of paper already written on for my first public dare for truthordarepics.com. Luckily our friend agreed to be in the photo's for the site as well as long as we promised to to edit his face a little for in case his brother sees him on there!

So guys I hope you enjoyed my first truth or dare pics, dare and the pictures I gladly share with you all.

Please let us know what you think at nakedevereborn@gmail.com would love to hear your comments.

I am pretty sure this is not going to be our first and only post on here so if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know.

Lotsa love

Eve Reborn & Adam - EMAIL ME!!

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