"A Game w/ Sex on the Deck!"

Jeanie - 5

Naked Wife on her Backyard Deck

February 7 2024


It has been a while again since I've posted, but time for a little summer time fun to make winter not quite so cold.

It was a hot day, too hot really, so we were sitting out on the deck trying to keep cool, a little bored. I asked if he wanted to play a little strip Rummy with me. One piece of clothing per round, knowing full well that I always beat him in Rummy. He knew the likely outcome though, so he was all too happy to oblige. Being a hot day, neither of us were wearing a whole lot. I did however sneak a little push up bra and thong under my shirt and shorts in anticpation of my little game.

After a few rounds, he was nearly naked, and I was still wearing everything except my shirt. One round later, and he was sitting on the deck with nothing but a smile. At this point, I decided fair is fair, so I undressed and asked him to get a bottle of wine from the fridge, and I laid on the little couch waiting for him. When he returned, we drank a glass in the sun, all naked, out of view of the neighbors, but still excited to be naked in the hot summer sun.

After a few glasses, I couldn't wait anymore. I crawled to him on all fours to the opposite side of the deck, licking my lips and asking if he wanted me to "suck his cock." He said, "what about the neighbors", and I said, "let them watch me suck your cock, I don't mind. I want them to watch if they want." I teased him with his cock between my soft tits, nipples erect with excitement, thrusting up and down. Soon though, I was sucking and slurping his hard cock. Every once in a while, I would slip down and tit fuck him. Every time he was about to cum on my tits, I stopped and took another sip of my drink, prolonging his excitement, and mine. I carried this on until just after dark. I occasionally let him finger my pussy while I licked and sucked his balls. My pussy gets very wet when I give head, and I like a little attention too, making his hand soaking wet as he slid three fingers into my soft, wet, warm, pussy. I brought a vibrator and put on a little show for him too, which he loves to watch me pleasure myself, moaning softly as I slid the whirring machine in and out of myself rhythmically. I like to make him happy too.

I could tell now he was ready to explode, and he asked me, "Can I cum on your tits and watch you lick it off your fingers?" I, of course, said "yes baby, you can cum anywhere you want, and then I'll clean myself up for you." I moved to my knees between his legs and started to open my mouth to take him all in. He proceeded to take his cock and jerk himself hard while I worked the head with my lips and tongue. Faster and faster, he jerked, and I flicked my tongue around the head of his cock, tasting his precum, and adding to his pleasure. I felt him tense, so I quickly shifted to wrap his cock in my tits, and he exploded all over me, pumping cum all over my tits and on my face. As his cock was shooting the last few streams onto my now glisetning tits, I took my hand and wiped across my breast, rubbing his warm cum into my skin, scooping up as much of it as I could, and licked it slowly off my fingers. I thought he was going to cum again at that moment. I won the Rummy, but I'm pretty sure he won day.

In lust,


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