"Drive Through and Landmark Flashing Dares!"

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Drive Through and Landmark Flashing Dares!



So here are the last two dares! We are going to call them 9, 10 and 11 but there are a few other pictures that we took just because they were fun!! It was fun to be in a place where we knew we would not see a lot of people that we would see again. Because of that we were willing to do some dares next to the road while people drove by. We are submitting three this time because these are the rest of the photos we feel we would like to share from our vacation.

Dare 9 - Drive Through Naked:

We noticed that most people who do this dare will do it at night and when there are no other cars in the drive through. We did not really have that option but also just kind of wanted to do hard mode lol.

You will see that Kimberley kept her panties on and that is mainly because we were having a lot of fun and she was very excited and did not want to leave a white wet spot in the rental... we spent enough and we did not need a cleaning deposit on top of that!!

The drive through was completely full and it took us almost 20 minutes to get through. The drive through was next to a parking lot and there were several people who were able to look in and get a little peek. The person in the truck behind us certainly knew what we were doing!!

After we got our breakfast we were on our way! We very much wanted to be able to do the trucker dare but sadly we did not consider that the highway we were driving was two lanes so there was no way to drive next to them. There was a very short moment when there was a passing lane and we made sure Kimberly gave him a good view on the way past!!

Dare 10 - Taking Pictures at someone else's House:

We did get a hotel for a few days, but we also wanted to spend time with some friends so we stayed a few days at their house. While they were all busy getting ready for the wedding we had some free time and we decided to walk around outside and get some fun photos.

It was so exciting knowing they could come out and catch us!! Luckily they never did come out and see. At one point they did leave, giving us the option to get all the way nude! The picture taken on the stairs was very elevated and Kimberly had a great view of all the fields around us as well as the farmer out in his field working.

Hopefully he looked over and had his day made a little. Before heading up for some very hot sex we had to stop and get one last shot on the pool table... Because why not right!?

Dare 11 - Naked by a Landmark:

This is a dare that we plan to redo in the future but there were not a lot of landmarks in the area we visited. We chose the Wyoming sign because, if you know your Wyoming, you can easily figure out what road we were on. It was towards the end of the day and there was very light traffic so only one car drove past. It was still exciting for Kimberly though and she loved it! Later as we were driving we also decided to stop and take a few other photos in the middle of the road just for the fun of it.

The last few photos are from while we were waiting for our flight and were bored. We hiked out onto a cliff and Kimberly flashed me as well as the whole city! There are also a few shots of Kimberly flashing from a tall hill where we decided to stop and have some road side sex out side of the car. She leaned against it while I took her from behind. Very hot!!

Last but not least we put in one last shot of her new bling!! The day after we got back (when we were supposed to be resting lol). We decided to go do something we have wanted to do for a long time, and we both got our nipples pierced!

Thank you for all of the emails, Kimberly and I really enjoy reading them together. Thank you to all the gentlemen being so sweet to her and giving her so many nice compliments. She loves to ask me "did you read the latest email from so-and-so?!" Don't worry we still have lots more dares on OUR list so you guys don't even have to tell us to do them! Hint hint... LOL

We are in the Seattle area.

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