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Big Boob MILF


We're Erin and Steve, we're in our mid 30's and we consider ourselves pretty open minded. Neither of us knew it but this open mindedness started 10 years ago when we went to a Drive-in Theater in Southern California when we were first dating. He had a van with a mattress in the back, so we parked in the back row along with all the other cars. If you've ever been to a drive-in you have probably noticed that the vans park in the back with the back doors pointing to the screen so people can lay in back with the doors open and enjoy the movie. This "van-row" often became the party spot at the drive-in with people sharing beer, smoke, or whatever.

We had gone to see an erotic type movie and Steve had brought along plenty of herb. We lit up as soon as we were settled and eventually several other couples came by to sit and watch the movie as they shared our party supplies. Steve and I were getting hornier and hornier as the evening wore on. At first we were playing under a blanket with our clothes on since we kept having so many visitors. By the time the second movie started there were two other couples our age hanging out in our van, and our inhibitions were rapidly losing ground.

Without going into all the detail, we were both eventually nude under the covers and had lost all interest in the movie. I was laying on top of Steve when he nudged me to sit up so he could better access my body while I was riding him. I attemtped to keep the blanket covering my body as I looked around us. But I noticed that the two other couples were occupied in there own world under their own blankets so I threw caution to the wind and just went with the flow. In no time at all we were both bare to the world as I rode up and down enjoying the feel of him inside me. Again I opened my eyes to look around and noticed that the other couples were now focused on our activity. I was pushed to a higher level, realizing that we had become the center of a private porn show with our audience obviously enjoying what we were doing. I exploded over the top experiencing the longest and most intense orgams I had experienced to date.

As we settled down in the afterglow we were treated to the same exhibitionism from one of the other couples, followed by an encore performance from the third. By that time Steve and I were already headed into another round. I was disappointed when the lights in the drive-in came up signaling it was time to leave. The other couples headed back to their own vehicles while Steve and I got back into the front of the van. We didn't bother putting our clothes back on. We drove to one of our favorite spots by the beach and occupied ourselves again in the back until sunrise.

That was the evening that let me know I was into same room sex. It was only natural that I eventually found even greater pleasure in exhibitionism and groups watching sex has been an important part of our libido ever since.

We'd love for you all to write to us to hear what you have to say.

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