College Girl Dare

College Girl Dare


HER - What a wicked website! I love it. Too bad I didn't know about it sooner but you know what they say, better late than never.

I am a lover of receiving oral. Being eaten out is my favorite sexual activity and it can be with ANY tongue!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guy, girl, older men and women, college students like myself, it doesn't really matter. I like being licked until I CUM and cum and cum and cum and cum!!!!!

Seriously, I love someone who knows how to lightly flick the tip of their tongue on my clit so it hardens and builds up the orgasms. I also enjoy having either a finger or a small vibe sliding in and out of my ass at the same time.

Once the light flicks build things up they can then press harder and harder then dive inside my pussy with their tongue then back to my clit then...............ooops, that felt good but my chair is now wet, need to wear panties when I am on the PC!~

I haven't done many dares of the type you see on truthordarepics but I have been 'dared' I guess to be eaten out by another couple while we (my boyfriend and I) were on vacation once. They were much older than we were but were lots of fun. We drank with them in their suite as they had an upgraded room with a hot tub and somehow sex became the topic of choice.

Then my boyfriend told them about how I loved being eaten out even over penetration which isn't that big a deal to me. Somehow my bikini came off and both of them ended up taking turns kissing and nibbling my clit as I sat on the side with my boyfriend watching.

It was mind blowing! Two people in their late 50's going at me making me cum over and over and over until I was spent was an incredible experience. After that we watched them have sex and then we went back to drinking and then we stumbled back to our room.

HIM - Hi, I'm Blossom's boyfriend. What she and I enjoy goes one of two ways. I always start out with just general kissing, licking, pulling, sucking all over her pussy. Then if I am going to suck her to orgasm I lick up and down the left (her right) side of her clit to climax. If I am going to get her aroused and swolen then make her cum by fucking her I run my tounge back and forth over the bottom of her clit into her pussy to simulate where my cock will ride.

I will get her to "that point" and she will stop me, I will just kiss on her down there while she comes down, then I will do it again a couple of times. Finally when she stops me I climb on with a fresh rock hard cock and stroke her hard and fast to an explosive orgasm. We have fun. Let us know what you think?

blossomluvsdares @






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