Hot Caroline

Girl at Strip Club Dare

Girl at Strip Club Dare



Email # 1 - Hey webmaster. My girlfriend Caroline and I are about to submit a dare. I am excited and somewhat apprehensive about this weekend. After months and months of talk and fantasy Caroline is taking the plunge.

She has wanted a friend of mine for years (she knew him from high school long before she met me and wanted him then). She has privately fantasized about him since she remet him through me after we began dating, and has openly told me about her fantasy for about a year. We have both long agreed that it would be hot for each of us to have another partner, but I was hesitant to agree to her doing someone I will continue to have a close relationship to after the deed. I tried to talk her in to doing someone else but she insisted on him (plus he really really turns her on and I love to make her happy) if it was going to happen it had to be him, and we both really wanted it to happen so...

On Saturday all three of us are going to a strip bar (Caroline's first time)...we will have a few drinks before, and then bring a bottle for them. Have some drinks at the club and then home. I promised her I will help nudge him towards her all night, and if it needs help when we get home I will suggest we watch a porno and then comment that since we are ALL turned on and my friend "Jason" who is single has no one to take care of him when he gets home that Caroline should "help him out"...and then leave the room (she says she would be too self-conscious to do it in front of me the first time.) At this point she would reach over and put her hand on his crotch...if he can say no at this point then he is super human.

Caroline says she is planning only to kiss, stroke, and then blow him this first time...waiting until she sees how we both feel about this before actually fucking him, however we will have condoms on hand for them just in case things get carried away. I'll email you the rest as Sunday morning.

Email # 2 - Well my friend "Jason", Caroline and I all went out to eat at a local brew is a very cool place that has 4 bars and 2 restaurants in it. Caroline had on a short tight fabric skirt, a nice low cropped blouse and was wearing thong underwear allowing me a great target for grab ass all night which I took advantage of.

We had some light dinner, several drinks apiece...then went in to the cigar friendly pub and Jason and I had a cigar and we just chilled and talked for a long time. Had a good time just doing that. Just before we left, Caroline went to the restroom and Jason leaned over and told me "Damn Caroline looks incredible tonite!" I agreed whole heartedly and caught him scoping her pretty well as she came back to the table.

We left the brewpub around 9:30 and headed for the strip club. We went to a very classy yet rowdy club which has always had beautiful women and lot's of them. It was her first time at a strip club and she was a little nervous...she made me promise she wouldn't be a center of attention, didn't want us to get her a table dance or draw anyone's attention to her in any way...just wanted to sit back and watch...well I agreed that she would not get any attention at all...I wouldn't have been able to make this promise if I could have forseen what would happen at the club!

Well we went in to the strip club and found a table and ordered some drinks, the place was very full and all 5 stages were going. Every girl dancing was very hot. As the night progressed things got louder and rowdier at the club...Caroline and i talked a lot about the girls, several of them she found very hot...and she loved it when they set the bar on fire and there were 5 girls up on it dancing with the flames behind them.

At one point all the girls went backstage and put on bikinis and then came out to do quicky bikini dances at the tables...(I counted 26 strippers as they came out) one girl came up and started dancing in front of Caroline, forcing her legs apart and gyrating between them, and she bumped the table knocking Caroline's beer over spilling some right in her lap. The girl dropped to her knees and laughing she started to try to "dry" her off wiping her legs and lap with her hands...she started waving Caroline's stretchy skirt up (way up) and down with her face right down between her knees affording her a look right up Caroline's skirt...her face went right up between her thighs, as did her hands as she was "drying"...she looked over at Jason and I and said "looks like one of you guys better lick this up"...I replied, "I think it ought to be you" she winked at Caroline and stuck her face right down on her legs up under her skirt acting like she was blowing her dry and then backed away, smiled, and gave Caroline a kiss on the cheek going back to her dancing around the room.

Caroline was very turned on from having the girl looking way up her skirt...and it turns out she had spotted the guy at the table beside us looking...and with her skirt lifted way up he got an eyefull!

Well a little later the girl came back and did another dance for Caroline even more wild and gyrating than before...and then she grabbed her by the hand and brought her up on a stage with her (the girls were all changing for another special multiple girl dance so the stages were empty but music was going for the girls out on the floor. The stripper stood Caroline there on stage and started dirty dancing all around her, rubbing her body against Caroline touching her legs, arms, shoulders as she did it and Caroline was very in to it, and began to dance as well...a couple other strippers followed her lead and brought up other girls on the stages and danced in front of was very hot watching Caroline up there.

By the time she got back to the table she was about as horny as I had ever seen her...doing that sexy dancing with a gorgeous naked girl with dozens of male (and female) eyes on her had really cranked her up. Jason paid very close attention to this display as well...yelling and cheering her on as she went.

I have been to a few strip clubs and never had experienced this wild of an atmosphere, nor this great of a time, and I loved watching her watch the girls and the horny guys, and loved watching all the guys around (esp the one right by us who was treated to the look up Caroline's skirt) scoping her out even though they were surrounded by gourgeous naked girls...but sooner or later it had to end and we headed home around we walked out of the club I asked her if she had had a good time and she said "it was great! I loved it but I am very wet...although not for the reason you would least not only for that reason!" I rubbed her ass and found that she was still wet from the beer dumped in her lap...but all in all it was a great time...although the best was yet to come!

It is a 45 minute trip back home, so luckily I had thought ahead and had a flask filled with vodka in the truck for Caroline and Jason...I was driving so had been taking it easy and nursing my beer at the club...anxious to get home so I could catch up and so we could see what happened next!

When we got back to our place (I had already suggested Jason stay the night cuz I had picked him up and we wanted to keep partying so I told him we would just run him home in the morning) we had a few drinks...I accelerated my drinking to catch up(but not too carried away). We played a few games and mostly talked n stuff...when he went to the bathroom I asked Caroline if she was still planning on going through with it and she said "I don't know" I asked if she wanted it to happen and she said yes, but didn't know how to make it happen.

I suggested at one point that we put in a porn movie and I think Jason was interested but wouldn't admit it in front of Caroline and for some reason she didn't jump in and agree (I think she was just very nervous) so I dropped it. Each time Jason left the room Caroline grabbed me and kissed me deeply, rubbing my cock through my pants...I could tell she was totally turned on but was unable to take the next step.

Well finally about 4:45 we started running down so I pulled out our futon cushion on the floor downstairs for Jason and gave him a pillow and blanket and we wished him goodnight heading upstairs to our bedroom. When we closed the door to our room I looked at Caroline and asked her why she didn't make a move on Jason, and she said "I don't know, I just didn't know how to go about it"

I told her,"I can't do it for you, if you want him you have to take him". She said she knew and that she wanted to do something with him badly but didn't think she had the guts to try for it. I told her again that it was alright with me, but she would have to do it...I wasn't going to go arrange it, if she wanted to suck another man's cock badly enough to do it then she wanted it bad enough to go after it herself.

We talked about this for about 5 minutes, and finally I told her "If you are going to do this tonite it has to be now, because Jason has had a few drinks and he is in bed downstairs and will be asleep shortly...if you are going to do it the time is right now!" She looked at me for a minute , said "I love you" opened the door and started down the hallway...I asked her where she was going and she looked back for a second and said, "I am going to try for it!" and she literally ran down the stairs...

Well she came back up the stairs...forty minutes later. I was able to hear part of what was going on and was horribly tempted to come down but honored my promise to her that her first time would be audience free as long as she would keep to our pre-arranged limits...

When she walked in to our bedroom she was wild eyed and obviously tuned up...she kissed me deeply and then looked at me. I said, "Did you do it?" duh...I had heard enough to know that! She replied that she had. We pulled each others clothes off and jumped on the bed and she told me what had happened.

When she got downstairs Jason was laying on his back in just his boxers on the futon cushion on the floor. He was facing her as she walked in and he waved to her and said hi as she walked towards him. She said hi, walked straight over to him and dropped herself right on top of him pressing her mouth over his and kissing him deeply...she was still dressed in the thin tight skirt and could feel him harden immediately. They continued kissing for several minutes and then she pulled back looked at him and asked him if he was uncomfortable with this and wanted to stop. He asked if she wanted to stop and she said no, and he replied that he did not either.

Caroline then started kissing his neck moving up to lick his ear and then over to his mouth again. He moved his lips to her throat and began kissing and licking her neck running his hands over her back. She then started kissing his chest...working slowly downward kissing and licking, taking time to tease his nipples, then down his stomach as she slid his boxers down.

She licked around his cock never touching it as she licked his upper legs...sliding her tongue to the inside of his thighs and then touched her tongue to the skin just under his balls. Jason was moaning and completely lost in the moment and Caroline was totally in to it...she began licking his balls and then gently sucked one in to her mouth, then let it go and did the other...then finally after all this teasing she slid her tongue up his shaft all the way to the tip, then went back to the base licking all the way up again and again as if with a lollipop.

Jason sat up part way and reached his hands down her back to her ass and pulled up her skirt to her waist and began rubbing her bare ass and as she had thong underwear on he got to enjoy it all unfetered. She has always enjoyed hands on her ass and was moaning herself as she continued to lick his cock.

She finally slid her mouth over his cock taking it all the way in and cupping his balls in her hand...and started sucking. I have had many blow jobs from many women and trust me NO ONE can suck a cock like she can...and she gave him the full treatment sucking him to almost orgasm then backing off...drew it out until finally she decided to let him go. He tensed up and held the side of her head as he shot cum in to her mouth and she sucked it up drinking it down and savoring the moment.

When he had finished cuming she realeased his cock from her mouth and he gasped out "Holy Shit"...words I have used myself many times after one of her blowjobs. She slid up and kissed him full on the mouth, then layed her head on his chest to recover her breath for a moment. He rubbed his hands over her back for a few moments and asked if he could do something for her. She replied, "maybe next time"...honoring her promise to me although she said it took a great deal of self control to not allow him to go down on her which he was very obviously desiring to do.

After talking for a few minutes (he asked her if I was ok with this...typical man asking after it is too late to change if not) she started to get up and he took her hand and said, "you don't have to go do you?" She said "yes i do...goodnight"...turned off the light and came back upstairs.

As she had been relaying this story to me of course I had not been wasting time...she had stroked me the entire time and I had been working my hands all over her body. She climbed on me and began fucking away...we went until after 7:30 am, and only stopped then because Jason had to be home to meet his brother by 10:30 and one of us had to drive him.

Caroline drove him home, left at 10 am...and was back by 10:25 although it is usually at least a 15 minute drive each way...she was in a hurry because she was still horny as hell...we had sex 6 times that day and 4 the next despite the fact that we both worked that day - what an experience!

Next time Caroline and I agreed that Jason and I will both do her at the same time...shouldn't be long because we can tell that he is incredibly anxious to go even further with her and I believe he will agree to MFM once he understands it is the only way he is getting any more from her...and if there are any men, women or couples in the northwest interested we would love to try a webcam chat and see where that leads!!! BTW, the thong she has on in the pics is the same one she had on last night just a different pair as she has a few identical ones in her drawer.

If anyone is interested in any sexy chat with her please let us know. We have a new working email below too.

Hot Caroline - EMAIL ME!!

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