Young Wife Dares

Young Wife Dares


This is the only site my wife Kirsty would agree to let me post her pictures on. She said it was very woman-friendly and I am glad as I wanted to show her off online for many months now.

Kirsty and I have had a couple of daring experiences with friends that started innocently. The first time happened after we moved out of state. We had been friends with Mick and Ally for about 5 or 6 years before we moved. We had always joked about Mick being Kirsty's boyfriend, and Ally being my girlfriend. We would hug and kiss hello and goodbye when ever we went out for an evening of entertainment, but nothing else ever happened. Then they came to visit us in our new home. They came for a long weekend, arriving on Thursday night and were planning to stay until the following Tuesday.

On Thursday night we met them at the airport and did our usual greetings, although they were a little more huggy and kissy because we hadn't seen each other for about 10 months. We went back to our house and visited until bedtime. Kisses goodnight were exchanged and that was it for the night.

Friday we decided that we were going to show them around the area since they had never been to Dallas/Ft Worth. After a day of sightseeing, we went out to dinner. After returning to our house, we settled down in the den for some drinks and converstion. Kirsty and Ally said that it would be nice if we could listen to some music, so we put on some nice easy listening mood music. After awhile one of the girls, I don't remember which one, asked if we could dance. Well, Ally and Mick started slow dancing and Kirsty and I joined them. After a couple of songs, we decided to change partners. Ally came over and we started to dance. As we danced, she moved closer and closer to me, and it wasn't long that we were really hanging on to each other. I look around and could see that Mick and Kirsty were doing about the same. On the next song, Ally moved her hand and ever so slightly grabbed my ass. This sent tingles up my spine and elsewhere. I proceeded to return the move and was not rebuffed. Soon Ally started to nibble on my neck and the next thing I knew we were kissing right there as we danced. I glanced over at Kirsty and Mick and they were just dancing with their eyes closed, but you could see that there was little if any space between them as they moved around the room. Ally and I continued to kiss and caress each other as we danced. When that particular song finished, we stopped and moved over to the couch where we had left our drinks on the table. Kirsty and Mick had stopped dancing too and were just standing on the edge of the room holding on to each other and talking. Ally and I went out to the kitchen to freshen up our drinks. We no sooner got to the kitchen and Ally grabbed me and we started to kiss with our tongues probing each other. I have no idea of why or how this started to transpire, but we were quickly getting each other very hot. We stopped long enough to get new drinks and moved back into the den. When we arrived, we could see Kirsty and Mick were sitting on the one love seat in the corner of the room, and they too were kissing rather passionately.

Ally and I immediately landed on the other couch and began to kiss and caress each other as if we were two teenagers who had the hots for each other. It didn't take long, soon clothing began to come off. First my shirt, then Ally's shirt and bra. She had some really fine looking tits, 34c's or so, nicely shaped with perky little nipples. As I began to kiss her breasts, I could feel the nipples becoming hard in my mouth. I also began to look across the room to see what was happening with my wife and Mick. Not to be outdone, it looked like they were doing the same thing Ally and I were doing.

Before long, Ally was nude and so was I. She had slid off my shorts and was making soft kisses on the head of my cock. Next thing I knew it was completely buried in her sweet little mouth. She was giving me a wonderfull blowjob as I was trying to reciprocate with a little tongue action on her sweet pussy. We continued in our 69 position for some time, then switched around and I slid my rod into her sweet honeypot. We were making the couch sing with our movements and it didn't take long for me to fill her with my load. As we laid there, I could see that Kirsty was finishing off Mick with her mouth firmly wrapped around his hard cock. After they had finished, we all just kind of looked at each other, gave each other our normal goodnight hugs and kisses and each went off to our own rooms.

Once Kirsty and I got into bed, we began to talk about what had happened. Neither of us knew why it happened, or how it happened, but we both agreed that it was the hottest sex we had had in quite some time. After a little while, we made love to each other, and it was the best we had had together since I don't know when.

On Saturday, we got up and Kirsty and Ally fixed a great breakfast and we discussed what had happened the night before. Both Ally and Mick felt the same way we did, they didn't know why or how, but it had been great for them too.

That was the hottest thing that has ever happened to us. Other than that we also had a couple of Kirsty's fantasies come true. She's always wanted to watch a couple have sex doggie style while she was underneath. She said she's always found that hot so we found a couple online who were happy to come over. We watched them have sex and as we did Kirsty took off her clothes and lay down beside them. They stopped so that the girl could get on top of Kirsty 69 style and then the guy resumed his fucking. It was hot watching Kirsty getting excited as her face was inches from this couples genitals going in and out. The woman on top was rubbing Kirsty's clit as this happened and I think Kirsty had about 3 orgasms that way before the couple came.

The other fantasy she wasnted to try was to have one man inside her while the other one ate her.

The only way we could accomplish it, comfortably or reasonably so, was to have her sit on him reverse cowgirl as I got between her legs and licked her clit.

It created a great climax for her, one we repeated later with the same man, and one she still wants to repeat with another man one day soon.

I'll tell you, it was just a great for me as I watched from so close as this man's cock slid in and out of her pussy while she moaned and came in my face.

That's about all for now. I'm sorry for the novel but hoped you enjoyed it. Feel free to send us Kirsty your thoughts.




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