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Tiny Bikini - My 1st Dare


My job requires me to travel a lot and so I can't ever really show my face with these pics but I do read todp when I am on the road and get off to all the wonderful dares people do. One of the few things I get to do on the road to help relax is swim. To make sure it is relaxing I try to swim after dark and after the pool closes. My husband loves that and I try to take pictures when I can.

Last night though was no exception, I went out around eleven, got down to the pool and like I had hoped, no one in sight. I quietly walked into the gated pool, slipped my robe off to expose my smallish bikini and placed the robe in a chair next to the gate. The bikini shows most of my ass and I've never worn it before. My husband dared me to so it was technically my first real dare. I walked down to the other side of the pool and used the stairs to enter the shallow end.

My nipples perked right up as the cool water covered my body. I submerged my head and pushed my hair back as I came up. I began my laps, nothing to fierce, just nice easy laps. I was a half hour into my swim when I hear the gate click just behind my head, I turned to find a couple walking in the gate they said, "hello" and I replied. They walked down to the shallow end. They placed their towels down on a chair and then the female stripped off to reveal her bikini top and bottoms. It was a "normal" bikini and she was in her early 40s and looked good. They both got in the water and started hugging and kissing.

I did not want to continue my swim with them at the other end so I climbed the ladder at my end and started walking over to the hot tub. I could see out of the corner of my eyes that both of them where looking at my cold wet body, and focusing on my ass a lot. I got into the hot tub and turned by back towards them even more, bent over to walk in so they could get a better look and thought to myself, "I can't believe I'm doing this.". The water was so warm that I went from being chilled to starting to sweat in just a matter of minutes.

About five minutes had past and I was just about to get out when the couple came up from behind me and entered the hot tub. I had looked up and of course my eyes when right to their bodies. Her nipples and his cock both seemed firmer than usual. They chatted with me and I am sure I sounded like a moron; I was a bit distracted with my pussy starting to ache. I was just as turned on by her as I was him, she had small perky breasts that looked really good and inviting. I knew they had seen my almost bare ass and the thought drove me wild hoping they were thinking of it when they kissed before. Probably not but it's a hot thought.

I could see him looking at my nipples too as she continued talking with me.

After some time we all got up and began small chat again while putting my robe on. I never did get their names. We walked out together but they went left and I went right down the path. I got to the room, went straight to the shower and rubbed myself to a fast and hard orgasm, and had the best night of sleep during this road trip. I didn't tell my husband anything until I got home so we could enjoy my dare together.

I would love any feedback on my first dare and am a bit nervous and excited to see what you all have to say.


Misty XX






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